LG Files Trademarks for G Watch, G Glass, GPad and More; Has a Thing for the Letter G


Looks like LG is going full Voltron on us with their new G-branded series of devices.  LG is going on full-frontal assault with these latest trademark filings at Korea's trademark office, KIPO, and is clearly hard at work on some new competing products to boost their stance in the world:

  • GPad
  • G Glass
  • G Watch
  • G Hub
  • G Link
  • G Band

That's a whole lot of G's!  LG has been traditionally very similar in design and naming of their products to Samsung, and it's no surprise given that LG is both a neighbor to Samsung in South Korea, and that Samsung is the world's leading electronics company.  With this in mind Samsung's constant "S" branding comes to mind as we go over each of these new trademark filings by LG.  Remember that event though LG has trademarked these products, there's no guarantee that any of them will actually be sold in the future.  As a company LG has to protect their intellectual property, and as such we regularly see trademark filings for products that never end up seeing the light of day.


Most of these are pretty obvious, but some of the other ones like G Link might need a bit of explaining.  GPad looks to be LG's newest tablet, and possibly LG's first real foray into the world of tablets.  Sure LG has had some tablets in the past, but most people have never heard of them, and that's likely to change if LG's new naming and marketing strategies work out for them.

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G Watch and G Glass are definite responses to the newly expanding wearable computing market, and is likely to compete with similar devices from Google, Samsung, Motorola, Sony and many other manufactures out there.  There have been many smartwatch rumors lately but only some of them have come to fruition.  G Glass is an obvious Google Glass competitor, and it's likely that we'll see more of these types of products as bigger companies like Samsung enter the fray.


Finally we come to G Hub, G Link and G Band.  G Hub will probably work much like the Samsung Hub; and entertainment hub for movies, music, apps and more.  G Link seems to be similar to the Samsung Link (or AllShare Play as it was once called), and will allow a user to mirror or share photos, videos and other media onto a TV.  G Band isn't a tribute band or something like that, but rather something akin to the Nike FuelBand or Samsung S Band and will be able to track things like heart rate, calories burned and other health-related traits.

g2-learning (1)

LG's Optimus G and Optimus G Pro were pretty successful phones, although like any good phone manufacturer LG isn't content with just leaving it at "pretty successful."  In an effort to further simplify its naming schemes, LG announced that it's dropping the "Optimus" name for its flagship devices and will be using just the G instead.  In fact in just 2 short weeks on August 7th we'll be getting an official unveiling of the LG G2, so these new trademarks are coming in at just the right time.  Who knows, maybe one or two of these new filings will make an appearance at that event?