LG Breaks Its Own Smartphone Record with 12.1 Million Sales in Q2 2013

LG has just reported its Q2 earnings, and they show a 10.1 percent boost in sales, and a record-breaking 12.1 million Android smartphone sales, which is the most smartphones LG has ever sold in its history, so that's quite an achievement there. Profit was down 7.7 percent from a year ago, but that's an improvement over the previous quarter.

LG has been on a roll ever since they helped Google make the Nexus 4, and I think it would help them even more if they made the upcoming Nexus phone, too, although they've already said that they aren't interested in making anymore Nexus phones. But I believe they are shooting themselves in the foot there, as the Nexus has done nothing but help their image as a company that can actually make quality devices, and help them obtain a lot of free marketing, since the whole tech media is talking about it all the time. However, even if they do want to make another one, I'm not sure Google would agree to that, either, as they might want to pick someone else for it.

While the high-end devices like the LG Optimus G Pro, which has just passed 1 million sales, help it maintain its competitiveness and give the company an image of maker of quality products, it's making most of the money from mid-range and low-range phones such as the L-Series II and F-Series. But that's to be expected since the phones that sell the most are almost always the cheaper ones, because more people can afford them.

LG is preparing to launch the Optimus G2 this fall, which is the Optimus G's successor. The Optimus G was the platform on which the Nexus 4 was based, although with a different package, which I thought was very solid and looked quite nice. LG has been making some solid phones for a while, ever since the Optimus Black, which I thought was much more solid than its competitor at the time, the first Galaxy S.

If LG can keep riding this popularity and branding wave, they will be seeing more sales of their phones, and more customers who actually love their quality products.

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