LG Announces QuickWindow Flip Case for G2 Before Announcing the Actual Phone

July 30, 2013 - Written By Nick Sutrich

Here’s an interesting one for the record books.  LG has just announced the first wave of official accessories for the LG G2; a phone that isn’t even going to be officially announced until their August 7th event next Wednesday!  Today LG announced the QuickWindow Flip Case for the LG G2, and it looks an awful lot like the S View Cover we reviewed for the Galaxy S4 back in May.  If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery then I guess LG is doing pretty well for themselves nowadays, but that might also explain why their sales are as good as they have been!  While the G2 hasn’t exactly been the best kept secret in the industry, it continues to look more and more interesting, and has a lot of unique aspects going for it that will surely set itself apart from the onslaught of new devices we’re about to receive.

The QuickWindow Flip Case is definitely one of those features, and while it looks similar to Samsung’s S View Cover, the concept works more like a Smartwatch than just a quick way to view notifications.  First off as you can see from the press shot, there are quite a bit of functions that the phone can perform while the QuickWindow Flip Case is covering the screen.  These seem to go beyond what Samsung provides with the S View Cover by giving music control, alarms and timers, weather and even various clock faces that can be changed out at will.  You can swipe to move between all the faces, and it gives you a quick way to interface with the most commonly used components of your smartphone all without having to open the cover.  You’ll also notice that the earpiece on the phone has a cutout on the case, allowing you to use the phone without getting your face stuff all over that gorgeous screen.

Still not enough to convince you to get one?  Maybe the fact that it comes in 7 different colors will do the trick?  Either way LG is trying really hard to make the G2 the perfect smartphone this fall.  Next week’s official announcement will prove to us just how perfect this phone really might turn out to be.