Leaked Verizon Roadmap Tips August 1st Launch for the One; August 23rd for the Moto X

July 11, 2013 - Written By Tom Dawson


It would appear that this time of year is now Verizon’s “busy season”, with the new Droid line-up coming up soon, the HTC One and of course, the fabled Moto X. It makes sense that these devices are all coming thick and fast, after all it’s almost looked as if Verizon has been asleep these past few months when it comes to devices. Thanks to what appears to be a leaked roadmap, uncovered by PhoneArenathe HTC One is coming to shelves August 1st – cute, right? – and the Moto X is coming a little later come August 23rd.



As you can see in the image above, there are numerous launches coming up soon, but there’s no mention of the new Droid line-up, which is apparently coming this Summer. Although this roadmap could signal a later release, some time in the Fall perhaps. The One is finally coming to Big Red’s network come August 1st, which is still “this Summer” as they promised some time ago. The device has already passed through the FCC and thankfully it still looks like an HTC One. As for the Moto X, that we’ve heard so much about, it won’t be launching on the network until August 23rd, which looks like a pretty speedy turnaround from announcement to launch. Considering how long it took Verizon to get the Galaxy S4 and now the HTC One.

While there’s nothing for us to be sure that this is indeed a leaked roadmap from Verizon, it certainly looks like one to us. It’ll be interesting to see how well the One does when it launches on Verizon, as the device seemed to enjoy decent sales when it launched, but will it have the same appeal at this late stage in the year? As for the Moto X, it’ll be nice to see Motorola releasing a smartphone that isn’t a Droid for once.