Leaked Sprint Document Shows new "Unlimited, My Way" Plans

With Sprint's latest acquisition of Clearwire and its recent merging with Softbank, it is clear that the carrier is interested in stepping up its offerings. They have stated publicly that the primary reason behind the mergers is so that the carrier may become a better competitor to the likes of Verizon and AT&T. Now, it seems that the carrier is taking on T-Mobile when it comes to contract offerings.

PhoneArena received a leaked document today that supposedly suggests that the carrier is going to be expanding its unlimited plans. As you probably already know, Sprint currently boasts that they are one of the few carriers that offer unlimited data to its consumers under the popular "Everything" plan. This new leaked document suggests that new plans are going to released and will be referred to as "Unlimited My Way".

We are not sure yet if these plans will be the only ones available or if they will just work along side Sprint's "Everything" plan. However, we do know that Sprint is going to be targetting families with these new offerings as the more lines you add, the more you will save. Customers will start out with a monthly payment of $50 for one line with unlimited talk and text. However, every time you add a line, your monthly payment for each line will be reduced by $10. This means that two lines will be $40 per month each and so on. You can then choose to add unlimited data to any line for $30 per month or 1GB of data for $20 per month.

On top of these offerings, Sprint is reportedly offering a "My All In" plan. This plan will run you $110 per month and give unlimited talk, text, and data along with 5GB of tethering data. This particular option will only be available for individual lines and not for family plans.

While nothing is official yet, these plans don't really seem as great as Sprint is trying to make them out to be. It seems that it will only really benefit those with medium-sized families. So what do think? Do you think these plans will help Sprint gain more customers?

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