Leaked Images of Sony's "Honami" Show Off Similar Design to Xperia Z


We've been hearing a lot about the upcoming Honami from Sony, and now it's about time to get yet another look at the device in a leaked pic. There have already been a number of leaked images surfaced but, we get to see the device compared to the Xperia Z this time around. The Xperia Z is on the left and the Honami on the right, at first glance, you'll notice that the Honami looks a little taller which could affect how it'll feel in the hand. With the device's screen size rumored to be 5-inches we doubt that the added space has anything to do with the display. It's perhaps got more to do with the Snapdragon 800 that's supposedly inside.



Nobody would say that the Xperia Z was a fat device but, it looks like the Honami is about to get even thinner judging from the above image. Not being able to see the devices on top of each other doesn't help matters but, we'd like to say that the device on the right looks a little thinner. Along with just leaked images of the device itself there are some images of the Honami's camera app as well.




It looks like Sony is going for a more complete vibe with their camera app on the Honami. With lots and lots of effects to apply to your photos and improvements to the intelligent Auto mode that debuted with the Xperia Z. Overall, there's not too much more we can find out from these leaked images and we'd really like Sony to release the device as soon as they can.

The device is rumored to be packing the same Triluminous display technology that debuted in the Xperia Z Ultra as well as the Snapdragon 800 CPU that's set to take the world by storm soon.

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