Larry Page Talks About Google's Focus and What He Keeps In Mind As CEO

Larry Page Project Glass 580 75

We’ve already talked about some of the numbers that came out from Google’s earning report, so let’s just do a quick recap: $14 billion in revenue, over 900 million Android devices worldwide, 1.5 million new devices per day, 50 billion app downloads from the Play Store and over 750 million Chrome users. That’s a lot of numbers to put it mildly.

Google CEO Larry Page also talked about the present and the future of the company, and he managed to phrase it perfectly:

We’re very optimistic about the opportunities in front of Google today.  The potential for technology to make people’s lives better is tremendous.  But to achieve that potential we need to stay focused.  It’s why we continue to invest the vast majority of our resources and time in our core products.  But my job as CEO is also to think about the future, and ensure we continue to bet on new technology that can solve big problems in the world.

That says it all, Google’s core products are still the bread and butter of Google and will continue to be the main focus of the company, but he, as CEO, will always be thinking about the next step. That’s probably why something like Google X is a completely isolated building with almost no relation to what Google does every day. Page talked about Project Loon, and idea created by him and Sergey Brin over a decade ago, which is an attempt to bring internet access to every area in the world by using balloons that move with the wind that Google launched in June. Crazy, I know, but that’s how Google works, they give you great services like GMail, Maps, Chrome, Google+ but also aim for the stars with strange ideas, like Project Loon or Google Glass. If any of those fail, then Google’s core business isn’t affected, and they can keep the company running as usual.

Google is less than 15 years old, and it’s the biggest company in the internet, and one of the biggest tech companies in the world. And if they keep up this rhythm, coming up with better services and crazier ideas, then they can only get bigger. I can’t wait to see what will they think next.