Insane Battery Life Returns to Verizon; Droid MAX Unveiled with 48-Hour Battery Life at Just 8.5mm Thick

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For quite some time now, we’ve been hearing a lot about the Droid MAXX, and finally Verizon and Motorola have announced the device, and it’s coming soon. Just as we thought, this year’s marathon smartphone is packing a 3,500 mAh battery which Motorola is claiming will last a whopping 48 hours without a single charge. While the Droid ULTRA is the flagship of the line, and the Droid Mini for those with smaller pockets and on a budget, the Droid MAXX is that device that just keeps on going, and going. It’s got the same internals as the Droid ULTRA but, it has a much bigger battery, which equates to much better battery life. Much like last year’s Droid RAZR MAXX HD, the Droid MAXX won’t let you down on the go.

Much like the Droid Mini and the Droid Ultra, the Droid MAXX is built from a Unibody design and then coated in Kevlar which Verizon is claiming makes them “thinner, lighter and stronger”. If you’re wondering what’s changed from the RAZR MAXX HD well, the battery life is up from 32 hours to 48 hours and the same improvements seen with the Ultra are present as well.

At the heart of all the Droid phones this year is the “Motorola X8 mobile computing system” which comprises of 2 processor cores, 4 GPU cores, a Contextual Computing Core and a Natural Language Processing Core. This brings features such as Touchless Control, the voice activation feature that we’ve seen leaked many times before now, function so well.

Strangely enough, Verizon’s short-lived event didn’t provide us with specific specs, which is a little puzzling but, aside from 2GB of RAM, the aforementioned X8 computing system the MAXX will be shipping with a 10-Megapixel camera with an f/2.4 lens. We now know that, like the Droid Ultra, the Maxx will feature a 5-inch 720p OLED Display.

The Droid MAXX, like the other Droid phones, will be available for pre-order from today and will be shipping August 20th. If you’re looking for a device that has longer battery life, it’ll cost you $299, up from the $199 for the Droid ULTRA. Just like the Droid Ultra, if you buy between now and September 30th you’ll get a free six-month subscription to Google Play Music All-Access

Image credit: Engadget