Indiegogo Project Gets Started to Save Mobilicity from Verizon


We've been hearing for a few weeks now that Verizon Wireless is looking to venture into Canada by buying out one of the smaller carriers like Mobilicity. Some Canadian citizens have started a Indiegogo project to save the small carrier up North. Valya Michael, from Canada has started a $400,000,000 campaign to buy out Mobilicity, clear their debts and invest in better coverage and customer service. Of course that's in Canadian currency, not USD.

Right now we have no idea what Mobilicity, telecoms regulators or Indiegogo will do if the goal is reached, but it's definitely going to be interesting. At the time of writing this post, the campaign is sitting at $233 raised out of the $400 million. It does have about 30 days left. So it's tough to see if the goal will be met or not.


So where exactly will the $400 million go? Well it's broken down on the campaign page:

Where will the money go?

1. 350 million will go to purchasing the company as a whole

2. 20 million will go to paying off the company's debt


3. 30 million will go to adding cell towers and a call center

It's also worth nothing that if the campaign doesn't hit the $400 million goal, they will refund all the money. Which is definitely a good thing. At least you won't be out of the money you added to the campaign. The campaign also explains the free perks you get based on the money you donate:

Donate money and you will get some free perks like:

1. Donate less then $20 get a tweet in thanks for your donation.


2. Donate $50 and get your name listed on my website.

3. Donate $100 and get your name listed on my website's homepage as a sponsor.

So how many of our Canadian readers are going to help save Mobilicity? Or better yet, save Canada from Verizon Wireless? But then again, Verizon can't venture outside of the US until they buy Vodafone's share in their company back. Which might be happening sooner than expected. How many of you are interested in this Indiegogo campaign?