HTC One Successor Coming in 2014, Codenamed the HTC M8?

htc one beats

Let the rumor mill begin! It was around this time last year that we began hearing about the HTC M7, which later turned out to be the HTC One and HTC’s flagship and savior device for 2013. The HTC One hasn’t sold as well as the Galaxy S4, of course that’s probably due to all the marketing money Samsung has. Although it did still sell rather well for the Taiwanese manufacturer.

Rumors coming out today, stating that the HTC M8 will arrive as the flagship for HTC in 2014. Basically the HTC One’s Successor. Right now the details are pretty limited for the M8, but it’s still very early. I wouldn’t expect the M8 to be announced before February 2014. Pocket-Lint’s sources confirmed that “plans could be changed” for an updated HTC One coming later this year.

Unless HTC surprises us again, which isn’t always a bad thing, we are expecting a bump in processor, camera, and the display. We’ll probably see a Snapdragon 800 processor, hopefully they don’t opt for the Tegra 4, after all the problems the HTC One X had with the Tegra 3 in 2012.  We’re also hoping for a 8MP ultrapixel camera. That would help HTC sell more phones. Since most people that aren’t tech geeks like us, look at the HTC One as a 4MP camera, when the Galaxy S4 has a 13MP camera.

By the time the HTC One finally hits Verizon, we’ll be on our way to the HTC Two? Or whatever HTC decides to call the next generation HTC One. Hopefully it sells even better than the HTC One did this year. I’d definitely like to see more competition for Samsung.

How many of you are excited to see what HTC might have in store for their flagship devices come 2014? I’m definitely excited, I just hope they can get the HTC One on all carriers at the same time. Instead of Verizon getting it months later. Let us know in the comments below what you’d like to see HTC change for the M8.