How Long Before our Phones Battery Last for Days? A Qualcomm Exec Says, No Time Soon!

android battery life

If there’s one part of a smartphone that hasn’t evolved like the rest of the mobile industry, it’s battery life. Sure we’ve got phones with bigger batteries, like the 3100mAh in the Galaxy Note 2, or the 2100mAh in the Nexus 4. But our phones are still chewing up battery power like its candy. All these manufacturers are making these super thin devices, like the 6.5mm thin Xperia Z Ultra, when most of us don’t care about our phones being ultra-thin. We’d rather trade off the thinness for a slightly larger battery. I know I’m not alone in this.

Qualcomm’s John Stefanac spoke at HTC”s Frequencies Asia today in Bangkok. “You want it in a thin package, and you want your battery to last for two weeks. That’s an enormous amount of pressure that we are putting on manufacturers to deliver in a nice, cool, sexy product”. I’m not sure how many of us said we want a thin device. Some of these devices are becoming too thin where we are thinking we might break the device. The Galaxy S4 is almost too thin for me. I’d rather have a larger battery on that device, and it be a bit thicker than how thin it is currently.

The Qualcomm executive also said that he believes the market is already facing the wall and a major shift in battery technology is required. For me, I don’t want or need a battery that lasts for weeks. But it would be nice to use my phone to it’s maximum potential and not have to worry about it dying. I’m perfectly happy with a phone last a full day.

Stefanac didn’t provide any real answers, we already pretty much knew that battery tech has a long way to go. And Motorola and even Samsung are doing great things with batteries, even if it is cramming more mAh’s into smaller battery sizes. Motorola’s work with the Droid Razr Maxx line is something I can get behind, but I just wish it was available in more places and on more carriers. Then Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 has crazy battery life. Back in November, when I reviewed the Verizon version, I could get around 36-48 hours on one charge all on 4G LTE. Now that’s the kind of battery life I’d love to have in my current daily driver, the Nexus 4.

How many of you are desperately waiting on better battery technology? Yes I realize that’s probably a really stupid question. Let us know in the comments below.