Have Something to Ask T-Mobile's CEO? Get Your Questions in for our Upcoming Interview with John Legere

Next week, I'll be interviewing John Legere. That's right, the CEO of T-Mobile USA. We'll be doing it on a Hangouts on Air, so you'll be able to watch it from Google+, YouTube and we'll be sure to embed it here on the site. Just last September, John Legere was named the new CEO of T-Mobile USA. Since coming onboard, he's done many things to shake up the industry. Most to do with the UNcarrier strategy. Getting rid of contracts, allowing customers to upgrade twice a year, and rolling out 4G LTE faster than we can blink. Not to mention there's more coming. At the end of T-Mobile's event this week, we found out there is a Phase 3 to the UNcarrier. It's UNcarrier 3.0. I wonder what Legere and company will have in store for us later this fall?

As a T-Mobile customer, I of course have plenty to ask Mr. Legere myself, but I thought our readers might want to ask some questions. Maybe you have questions about JUMP? Or T-Mobile's LTE rollout? You'll be able to leave them in the comments down below and we'll pick a few of the better ones (based on how we are doing with time) to be answered by the man with all the answers. If you don't catch us live, the interview will be up on our YouTube channel so you can watch it another time. We understand, many of you do have jobs and a life.

Once we get a date and time figured out, we'll be sure to let everyone know, as well as making an event on Google+ and Facebook. In the meantime, start brainstorming! You, our readers, are very intelligent and you might think of something we haven't. So make sure you leave comments down below with questions for Mr Legere.

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