Google’s Official Chromecast App Hits the Play Store

July 25, 2013 - Written By Alexander Maxham

On Wednesday, Google shocked us all by announcing the Chromecast. Which is basically a HDMI stick that runs Chrome OS. We all first that it might kill Google TV, but we are hearing today that Google is going to keep Google TV alive, which means there will be two products co-existing going forward. Now Google have released their Chromecast app in the Play Store for those that have their Chromecast already or are waiting on their Chromecast to come in.


The Chromecast app is actually very simple. It basically allows you to set up your Chromecast to work with your WiFi network, as well as manage your Chromecast settings. This appears to be an app you’d only use when you first set up your Chromecast when you receive it. It looks like a very simple app that you can probably uninstall after you’ve initially setup your Chromecast device. Since Chromecast is now built in to a few of Google’s apps, it’s going to need to be built in to apps like Netflix, Hulu+, etc to use Chromecast. Which shouldn’t be too hard for developers.


We shouldn’t have to say this but, you will need a Chromecast before you can use this app, or else it’s pointless. Google has also released the Chromecast extension for Chrome as well.


The app is in the Play Store now, and has an average of 4.6 star rating. It’s about 2.9MB in size so it’s rather small. But it’s also pretty limited in what it can do. Thank goodness Google has created this app to make it easy for us to setup our Chromecast once we get it in.

How many of you have already ordered your Chromecast? How many went out to BestBuy and picked it up already? Let us know in the comments below how this app works for you.