Google Updates the July Distribution Chart, Gingerbread hits 34.1%, ICS at 23.3% and Jelly Bean jumps to 38%

Screen Shot 2013 07 08 at 1.11.19 PM 650x315

Every month, Google puts together the numbers and pie chart which you see above. It’s available in the developers console, and gives developers a good idea of how many of the Android faithful are still on a particular version of Android. This data is all collected during a 14-day period which ended on July 8th. It’s always interesting to see how many people are running Android devices with a version of Android before Gingerbread.

As of today, Android 1.6 – Donut is sitting at 0.1%, with Eclair at 1.4%, and Froyo at 3.1%. I’m assuming most of those people are those that bought the really low-end devices from pre-paid carriers. Or possibly in some other countries where mobile isn’t as competitive as it is here in the US. Then we have Gingerbread sitting at 34.1% which is a decrease from 36.5% last month. Next is Android 4.0 – Ice Cream Sandwich at 23.3% which is also a drop from 25.6% last month. Finally Jelly Bean has jumped from 33% last month to nearly 38% this month. Which means Jelly Bean is finally on the majority of Android phones. And it only took a year. Interestingly, only 5.6% are on Android 4.2, which is on the Nexus 4, 7, 10, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S4, some HTC One’s, and a few other tablets.

Like I said, it’s always interesting to see how the numbers look from month to month. It’s also great to see Jelly Bean rising up and getting more and more users. But Google’s current approach to the F word, may not be the right one. Just keep releasing versions of Android and naming them Jelly Bean? Or not release a new version at all and just update everything through apps. Now that could be the answer, and a rather genius answer.

Apple has even started doing these charts, mostly to poke fun at Android for only having a third of our user base on the latest version. When Apple has nearly all of their users on iOS 6 already. So what version of Android are you currently running? Let us know in the comments below.