Google invests in Himax Display, Hopefully Getting Ready For Mass Production Of Google Glass

google glass explorer edition

Himax might not be the world’s most renowned brand in technology, but one of their products is part of one of the most advanced pieces of tech currently in the world of mobile computing, one of the most desired ones, it’s just that nobody knows that is was Himax who made it. I’m talking about Google Glass, Google’s wearable computing device that’s getting so much attention lately.

Himax is a Taiwanese Company, and it subsidiary, Himax Display Inc. is responsible for making the display that’s present in Google Glass and today they announced that Google is purchasing 6.3 percent of the company and that the purpose of the investment is to “expand capacity and further enhance production capabilities” meaning Google is probably getting ready to start mass production Glass so they can start selling it to people. It makes sense if Google wanted to have Glass on the street by the end of the year like they said before. Google was also given the option to acquire 8.5 percent more next year, I guess that depends on the success of Google Glass sales.

Both parties confirmed this deal, with Himax CEO Jordan Wu saying:

“We are delighted to receive this investment and to form a strategic partnership with Google,”

On behalf of Google, a spokesperson said:

“Himax Display has been a great partner for several years now” … “This investment is an extension of this partnership, which we hope will allow the team to continue to develop their operations.”

The deal is expected to be closed by this year’s third quarter and in the future, it might help lower the price of Google Glass now that Google owns part of the company. Part of the success of Glass depends on its pricing, even if the device is technically impressive and the usability is among the best in the world, people still have to purchase the device and a $1500 product is not priced for the masses.

There have been reports that Google wants to manufacture Glass in the U.S., in a Foxconn plant in California, making this the second device Google is building in the U.S. after the never-released Nexus Q. Let´s hope that Glass has a better future than the Q, it certainly seems to be much more capable.