Google Glass is Getting Some New Hands Free Improvements in a Recent Update

google glass pauly d 650x437

So what if most of us don’t have Google Glass and won’t have the platform for a while, that’s not stopping the company from making it better. Google Glass received an update earlier today that improved the overall user experience and platform in general. Several issues have been ironed out, and existing functionality has been enhanced. The new improvements have been announced via the Project Glass Google+ page.

It looks like the general idea for this update was to greatly improve hands-free use of the device. Changes have been made to the voice commands system, how users interact with contacts, and also how they browse the web. More specifically, the new update will include the following enhancements.

The voice controls have been updated to work with text messages, incoming calls and content sharing to individuals by name. In other words, the scope of the voice commands has been broadened.

Google Glass can also work directly with the entire list of Google Contacts in the device, instead of just ten favorites that are included in an exclusive list.

Also implemented, full web page viewing is now possible when browsing the Google Search results with Glass. After making a search through Google’s infamous engine, users can view a full website by tapping on the newly implemented “view website” option. While browsing, users can scroll up and down with two fingers placed on the touchpad on the side of the headset. They can also hold two fingers in place and move their head to adjust the image properly, similar to panning a screen.

Google Glass early adopters will be seeing the update over the next few days. The rest of us will just have to continue waiting until the device is commercially available, unfortunately. Google fully intends for us to look on in envy, as they definitely want this platform to be successful upon launch that’s probably the plan anyway.

If you are one of the lucky few with a Glass device, please feel free to share any experiences you’ve had with the platform below. When you receive the update, by all means share anything about that as well.