Full HD Displays Were so 2012, 2560x1440 Displays Hitting Upcoming Smartphones

If there's one spec I still care about on a smartphone, that's the display. I used to think that I couldn't tell the difference between a 720p and 1080p display at just 4.7-5-inches. But the truth is, I can. Comparing the Galaxy S3 to the S4, you can really tell the differences. Then look at the Nexus 10, with that 2560x1600 resolution display. That display is gorgeous.

Now, DisplaySearch analyst Shawn Lee is stating that chip makers are developing application processors that can support WQXGA resolution displays in upcoming phones. Those chips will be hitting the line come 2014, Lee also says that we'll likely see 5.5, 6, and 6.5-inch handsets with 2560x1440 resolution displays. That's not a bad resolution. Especially if you consider just a year ago we were seeing some phones with qHD displays. Anyone remember the HTC One S?

Apple was the one that started the whole HD display revolution back in 2010, with their retina display. They have been using the same panel ever since. Same panel in the iPhone 4, 4S and 5. So why won't the fruit company add more pixels? Something about the human eye can't see more than 300 pixels per inch. When you look at phones and use as many different phones as I do, you can see all those pixels. So maybe to the average user, 300ppi or larger isn't needed? But it sure is wanted.

This analyst believes that the first round of WQXGA resolution displays will land on smartphones that are shown off at Mobile World Congress in February 2014. Which means we'll start seeing rumors about them later this year. Everyone knows how far ahead rumors start to come out for devices. Lee also suggests that we might see some production capacity issues in the early days. Which is expected. We even saw those issues when the HD displays started coming out for mobile devices last year.

How many of you want to see a 2560x1440 resolution display on your next Galaxy Note? Or Galaxy S5? I'd definitely love to see one on the next Nexus, but I have a feeling we'll have to wait another year for that one. I'll settle for the 2560x1600 on the Nexus 10 for now.

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