Featured: Top Ten Best Android Games - June 2013

10. Rage Of The Gladiator

Originally developed for the Nintendo Wii, Rage of the Gladiator has finally made it to our doorstep and it certainly is a touch of bad ass. Rage of the Gladiator features awesome 3D graphics with full voice acting and the bosses even have their own personalities and taunt you. You'll enjoy every battle and utilizing the 14 insane finishing moves you'll have at your disposal. The best part is that it's free. Can't beat that.

9. Mechcom 3D RTS

MechCom 3D RTS is a real-time strategy game that, just like all RTS style games of this type will allow you to build up your defenses and take down the enemy base with your massive army of weapons. Grow your army of mechs and upgrade all your units and defenses. Engage in combat in 12 different maps set in 3 worlds, use the old school resource collection system to gather all your components and upgrade your mechs and defenses with 16 alternate mech upgrade combinations. If you love RTS games, this one's worth checking out.

8. Brave Heroes

If a game could blend the best of RPG elements and exciting arcade action Brave Heroes would be it. There are over Dozens of heroes to choose from and over hundreds of strategies to carry out your attacks. You use the simple one touch UI to pick and choose your next move, and there are tons of combinations in strategy. Each character class has their own unique skills and abilities which give the game some replay value. The graphics are great and the gameplay is just simple enough to be addicting and lots of fun. There are some IAP but they don't seem to be required to enjoy the games full experience.

7. The Silent Age

Adventure games have a new entry. The Silent Age. Episode one of this continuing saga is just the beginning. Games like this were made popular on the PC and Mac years ago, and they've made a startling comeback. In The Silent Age you'll play as Joe, a hard-working custodian who stumbles upon a dying man with a last wish. "Save mankind". You obtain a portable time traveling device and away you go with the adventure. It's your job to figure out why mankind is in danger and what causes the catastrophe years ahead in the future.

6. Gear Jack

Gear Jack was a game of the day last month and certainly well deserved. From developers Crescent Moon Games comes a tale of a heroic little robot that must save the first fully automated space ship created by the humans. The ship has been hit by a massive shock wave, and now floats towards its untimely end within a black hole. You as jack must slide/jump, and run while you solve puzzles and avoid traps as you attempt to save the W.Hale. This game is a great little adventure with cool graphics style and addicting gameplay. Picking it up would give great satisfaction.

5. Hero Of Many

Beautiful artistic graphics and wildly imaginative yet exciting gameplay is the only to briefly describe Hero of Many. This atmospheric action/adventure game takes you deep underwater where you lead an army of underwater being who must fight for freedom. There are multiple worlds in which you carry out this adventure and a total of 26 levels. Among the awesome graphics and thoughtful gameplay style, you can immerse yourself into the game even further with the original soundtrack. You must solve challenging puzzles and learn to survive if you're going to gain the freedom you so desperately desire.

4. Bounty hunter: Black Dawn

Another game featured in our game of the day which you can find here, Bounty Hunter:Black Dawn is as close as we may get to Borderlands on Android. It houses the same quirky and loveable cell shaded graphics style that everyone loves about Borderlands and even has some comical dialogue between characters. In this FPS with a total of 4 different classes and unique characteristics to each, you'll find plenty of adventure, weapons, gear upgrades, and special abilities that help you kick some ass. The game costs about $5, but in my opinion it's worth it.

3. Quadropus Rampage

Have you ever wanted to just be a quadropus? Floating along the plankton and other sea life, taking in the scenery, playing tennis, saving the world... Yes those are all elements of the day to day in the life of a quadropus. What you think i'd lie about it? You think this is just some fun and games? Some Shenanigans? Well, you'd be right about most of it. Except the lying part. Were all truthful here. Be a quadropus. Go on a rampage. Smack your enemies in the ear with things like rock n roll guitars, the Joyful racket of friendship (no with more slapping power!) and the irrational hoe with balsamic. This crazy adventure is sure to please your gaming needs, as well as make you laugh to potentially squeeze out a little something and possibly embarrass yourself for all eternity.

2. Final Fantasy IV

Many hail this as the Final Fantasy of all Final Fantasies. The 4th installment into the series was not only memorable on a level that is virtually unmeasured, it engrossed its players into the magic, mystery, and adventure that some could only hope to be a part of. Beautifully redone with gorgeous 3D graphics and the same loveable storyline, FF IV for android is sure to recapture the hearts of players and fans, and might even pull in some newbies who never had a chance to play the game. Square Enix as always, puts out a stellar game. If you can handle the steep pricing, jump on this train and enjoy what's to come.


Finally landing on the play store last month, DrakeRider brings a whole new immersive and beautiful RPG to your android device unlike any other. First off, its a Square Enix title so that immediately gives it some street cred. It doesn't need it though because it holds enough weight to go toe to toe with the best of the best in RPG games on mobile. The story is deep and rich, filled with awesome cut scenes as well back and forth dialogue between the many characters. The battle system is entirely different than your standard turn based RPG so many of us are used to. DrakeRider breathes renewed life into the RPG series, and if you're a fan of the game genre, this is a title you absolutely do not want to miss.

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