Featured: Top 10 Best Android Apps – July 2013

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10. Twheel for Twitter


I know what you’re thinking, you’ve seen all the Twitter apps before, and you don’t want to see any more. Well, twheel is different, just as the name implies it relies on wheels to help you make better sense of your Twitter feed. It’s a way of getting the best out of your Twitter feed and connecting with others. It’s essentially an app that brings order to the chaos that is Twitter. It’s worth checking out, and the asking price isn’t too steep at all.


09. TWRP Manager


This is something that’s only going to appeal to a certain set of users but, it’s a great little app and something that’s been missing for a while now. It’s worth remembering that this is still in Alpha, so there might well be some problems that still need ironing out. By using the OpenRecoveryScript, this app is able to help you manage your phone from within Android, instead of having to reboot into recovery all the time. If we’re honest though, we know the hardcore users will always do things the “right” way.


08. Eyeprint App Lock Beta


We’re not sure how accurate such an app can really be, but it seems to work pretty well. The general premise is quite good, too. After all, we all have apps and games on our devices that we might not want others to get a hold of. If you’ve got kids, you’ll want to lock away those adult apps and those gory games, and if you just live with others you’ll really want to lock down that Facebook app – we’ve all been there. The app is still in Beta but, it’s got most of the boxes ticked already at this point, well worth a try if you just want to secure a few apps and games.


07. dialapp : context aware dialer


Our smartphones know more about us than ever, which is a little scary but, the strange thing is that the dialers we use don’t act as if they know us at all. dialapp is a new dialer that hopes to change that, by using metrics such as your location, the time of day and more it hopes to predict who you’re going to call and then suggest them to you. So for instance, you’re at the train station and you’re going to ring your partner for a lift – dialapp will learn this and soon start putting them first in your list. It’s a nifty idea and thankfully, the app stays with Android’s default Holo looks.


06. Beautiful Timer


They say that time is money, so does that make keeping track of the time, keeping on top of your wallet? Well, it’s as good as in some situations, keeping a track of time, timings and the like is important and incredibly helpful if you’re doing more than one thing at a time. For me, I use a timer to make sure my coffee is brewed properly all the time, others might use it for keeping an eye on a chicken in the oven and other such things. Outside of the kitchen though, this is a great app to keep on top of exercise – say 30 minutes for a run – or even making sure you make it back in time to feed the parking meter. It’s a stunning app and it works great with tablet as well, this is a brilliant example of how good-looking apps can be when they use Holo.


05. Yandex.Browser


You might not have heard of Yandex, and that’s fine if you haven’t – let’s just call them “the Google of Russia”, they offer all of the same services and apps that Google do for Android, just a little differently. There are a whole raft of Yandex apps available in the Play Store and since Yandex has decided to make these available worldwide, we get to enjoy them as well. One thing we all about Android is the amount of choice that we’re treated to, and we can certainly never have enough browsers. This offering from Yandex is quick, slick and can compress web pages to both speed things up and save on your data allowance. Is it better than Chrome? Well, we suppose that’s a matter of personal preference but this is a great offering.




Premium TV content is expensive no matter how you look at it but, in recent years the model has been changing and thankfully, not everybody is standing still. HISTORY is bringing their content to Android with a great new app that’s slick and fully-featured. Content is free, but if you login with your cable provider’s details then you’ll get access to some more of it. Content is only available to stream in the US, which goes without saying, and it works brilliantly with tablets –  for once! Overall, this is a great app from History and certainly nice to see.


03. Polamatic


We took a look at Polamatic when it first came out and we thought it was a decent-enough app to bring some truly authentic Polaroid love to our pockets again but, it was a little sluggish. Since then, it’s had a couple of updates and it’s a nifty little app. Sure, the Polaroid effect has been done so many times before now but, this is as authentic as you’re going to get. The frames are actual scans of old Polaroids and all of the film effects and more have come from Polaroid themselves (what’s left of the company, anyway). Whether or not you just want some fresh filters in your life, or like me, you remember using Polaroid this is a great app to play around with – especially in the Summer!


02. Rockmeit


There’s a whole host of awesome content out there on the web today – hopefully you think we’re awesome! – but keeping on top of it all can be a real chore sometimes. If you think not being able to find something to watch on Netflix before you finish your lunch is a problem, what about finding something fresh and interesting to read on the commute to work? Rockmeit can make things nice and easy with some brilliant UI design, speedy optimization for Android and great tablet support. It’s got an emphasis on sharing as well, which is incredibly easy to from within the app. If you’re looking to get some fresh news and share it with others, Rockmeit is the new kid in town.


01. Boomerang


Boomerang has been out for a while now and the official GMail client has since “caught-up” but, it’s still a great app for those that live their lives through their inbox. With gesture support for swiping to archive, and a quick menu to label e-mails and more, Boomerang is a great way to keep on top of your e-mail and turn your inbox into the reminder app you always wanted it to be. With the Boomerang feature, you can have an e-mail go full circle and “re-arrive” in your Inbox so you’re forced to do it again, you can also write a message and then have it send later on, perfect if you want a reply to land in someone’s inbox when they’re actually awake. It’s a great app, and one that e-mail lovers will more than likely have already adopted by now. Take a look at the video below, and the Play Store badge after that to install it.