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Whether it's listening to music or playing games, it's often a good idea to plug-in in some headphones, to make sure we get the most out of the audio and we don't annoy others around us. For those that are always on the go, it's got to be earphones day-to-day as they're easier to carry around and they're just much more convenient. The problem with earphones however is that long little wire often gets tangled, often instantly. Sure, there's a specific way to make sure they don't tangle but, not everyone is going to do it. So, your earphone get tangled, memory is introduced into the cable and then your earphones break. We've all been there, perhaps it's the left or the right ear that goes first, or the plug at the end, they all succumb to tangling at some point or other.

That's where the Zippit Anti-Tangle earphones come in, which can be bought from GearZap, along with other Galaxy Tab 3 accessories. As the name suggests, they're earphones that zip together to prevent them from tangling. In practice, it works very well. No matter if you store them like this:


I screwed them up a number of times and I was unable to get them tangled up. I shoved them into pockets, compartments in a bag and they were still easily straightened out in a matter of seconds. It's obvious that the whole zip thing is a little bit of a marketing gimmick but, it does work in practice. While these might not last as long as a pair that are more costly, they won't succumb to tangling like most others on the market. The added weight wouldn't make these a great choice for running with but, they're great for the commute to work or school and they certainly look a little different.


The most important question is, how do they sound? Well, the Zippit's aren't going to blow you away but, I tested them using my Nexus 7, PC, 3DS and even the Xbox and they sound okay. That's as far as I would go, certain sounds aren't defined as much as I would like and the high-end is pretty hit and miss but, they have a decent mid-range response so for everyday listening on the commute would be fine. Besides, if you're the type of person that's always on the go then you're more looking for something that's hard-wearing and tangle-free. The Zippits work like a treat for that.

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