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Here at Android Headlines, we're big fans of Bluetooth Speakers, both big and small. Bluetooth is great, for one thing it's almost as universal as you can get, whether it's a BlackBerry, a Windows Phone device or an iPhone - they can all beam music out over Bluetooth. It's pretty cool but, it can be a little messy if you're dealing with a number of different phones, say at a BBQ or something like that. You've got to unpair your phone, repair someone else's phone or tablet and it just gets annoying. The Sonivo Universal Induction speaker, which can be bought from LoveCases, along with other Galaxy S4 accessories, doesn't give you any grief like that, and works with anything. The cool thing about it is that you can essentially just lay a phone on top of it and the sound is amplified. Take my One X for example:


All you have to do is lay the smartphone on top of the speaker for it to amplify the sound. There is a drawback with this though. For one, you need a device with its speaker facing out from the rear of the device, like this:


This leaves devices like the Xperia Z and others at a bit of a loss. While it might still work I doubt it'd be as effective as with a speaker like the One X's. So, you're probably wondering what makes this so "universal", right?


There's an auxiliary port on the rear of the speaker that allows you to plug whatever you want into it and a cable is provided as well. It also comes with a mini-USB cable to keep things charged. It really is a great solution for listening to music on the go and while you're not going to get great volume out of the thing, it's good enough for something that's easily thrown into a bag.

As for the all-important sound quality, well, it's not that brilliant. I noticed a difference between the Galaxy S III and the One X I tested it with but, they both sounded a lot better when plugged into the back of the unit directly. The sound isn't going to blow you away but, it's good enough for a group of people around a table or even outside while hosting a BBQ or something like that.

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