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In the last decade or so, Photography has changed dramatically. Everyone out there is an amateur photographer, thanks to the powerful smartphone in their pockets and thanks to the proliferation of social media, there are more ways than ever to show off a decent snap you've taken. Facebook might not be the haven for photographers that Flickr and Instagram have become but, it's perhaps the best place to see photos from your friends and family that could be scattered throughout the globe. Saving these photos for yourself might raise an issue of plagiarism but, hopefully those looking to keep a copy are doing so with a glad heart. Photo Download for Facebook is an app that can help you keep those memories on your device.

Description: Photo Download for Facebook is a short and sweet app that gets right to the point. It's also extremely easy to use. As the title suggests, this is an app that can download photos from the Facebook app. Of course, saving someone else's work like this might be a cause for concern but, then there's always the age-old question of "why share it in the first place?". We doubt very much that people will use such an app for their own gain and indeed, this app is more for those looking to keep a copy of photos your friend has taken of your child at a playdate or to keep a record of your nieces and nephews as they grow up. There are a whole host of uses that such an app would be useful – like keeping photos your friend posted of that holiday you all took last summer – the list goes on.


How it Works: To start saving your own memories from Facebook, all you have to do is download Photo Download for Facebook from the Play Store and you're almost done.

2013-06-30 17.25.51

The app takes you through everything stage-by-stage and sure enough it really is as simple as that. Find a Facebook photo – like the one of me at a party below – and just hit the share button.


2013-06-30 17.55.52

Just select Photo Download for Facebook from the list.

2013-06-30 17.56.27


After that you'll see the photo in the app:

2013-06-30 17.56.43

You can crop the image as well, once you've made your changes just save the image and you're done! You can do this for as many images as you like too! Great for e-mailing to friends that don't have Facebook, or having prints made.


Opinion: As an avid photographer myself, I've always found the medium to surprise us in ways that continue to amaze us, and while shots of children and happy faces aren't something I consider shot-worthy, others rely on them. They rely on them to create a memory, or to "fix time" and it's that essence that has a lot of people captivated with Facebook. Your friends will often share images of their newborn, or that night out you can't remember for some reason. While the idea of someone downloading your Facebook pictures isn't great, you've got to ask yourself – "what did you think was going to happen?". If there's a photo you want to keep close to your chest – much like the hundreds on my hard drive – then you do just that. Do I care if my friend downloads and prints a copy of the two of us on holiday or back in school? Of course I don't. Photo Download for Facebook makes all of this nice and easy and it does exactly what it promises it does.


  • Speed (4/5) – While it's not a blazing fast app, you won't be waiting around with this app.
  • Features (5/5) – Photo Download for Facebook sets out to do one thing – download photos from Facebook – which it does marvelously.
  • Theme (3/5) – It's not a great looking app but, it's easy to use and to get used to.
  • Overall (4/5) – It does exactly what it sets out to do and works well – the only problem is how poor the Facebook app is on Android!


  • Easy way to save photos from Facebook, of children and passed memories. 
  • It uses the Android share menu – which should be familiar to many people – and works great.
  • Easy UI is great for those of all ages and tech knowledge.
  • You can crop the photos afterwards as well.


  • Built-in borders or photo effects would be fun. 
  • Buttons to share to Twitter or Google+ would be a nice touch.

Conclusion: Photo Download for Facebook is a great app for those looking for a quick and easy way of keeping memories that are otherwise stored only online. I can see this app being especially great for Mothers and for big party-goers. Keeping track of all the fun times you have with friends and family is difficult and Facebook helps us make sense out of a lot of it, with Photo Download for Facebook you can create your own batch of memories away from the internet. There's always going to be the issue of what you do with someone else's photos but, we'd hope that users of this app would do so with responsibility. I wouldn't mind if my friends and family downloaded images I had taken for their own use, if they were passing them off as their own I'd get annoyed but snaps are snaps. Photo Download for Facebook is a quick and easy app that could become one of you "go to" apps for years to come – especially if you and your friends have children growing up together.


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