Sponsored App Review: 3CX Mobile Device Manager for Parents


We reviewed 3CX's Mobile Device Manager some time ago, and we found it to be a great way for businesses to keep track of roaming salesmen, or just keep in touch with the whole team effectively and easily. While there's no denying that 3CX Mobile Device Manager is great for businesses and its features do feel very much rooted in that world, there's no reason why parents can't use it as well. With teenagers getting their hands on smartphones earlier and earlier, it's a great way of keeping in touch with your kids but, let's be honest – they can just ignore those calls and messages, right?

With the 3CX Mobile Device Manager, they pretty much have no escape, after setting it up on their device, you'll be able to make sure you know where they are all the time, control the apps on their device and send them incessant messages when they're disobeying you. It might sound a little creepy but, as every parent knows when raising teenagers – knowledge is power, and the more of it you have, the easier it gets.


Description: We reviewed 3CX's Mobile Device Manager a while ago, here we're going to describe why the app and service might be great for parents. Keeping your kids safe is the main thing, and while that means knowing where they are, it also means making sure they're not looking at things they shouldn't and they're careful online. Apps and games are something kids are always going to want to play with and with 3CX Mobile Device Manager, you can whitelist, blacklist and mass deploy apps. Making it easy to shut off your kids or teens from those graphic games and making it easy to install games and apps across multiple devices – very handy if you have a household of techies!

You can also lock and remotely wipe devices from the web interface, which is especially handy for young girls that enjoy taking photos and sending them to friends, it means you can be sure that those images don't full into the wrong hands. For instance, if your teen loses their phone, you can remotely wipe, making sure that those images and even passwords written down in note apps, don't fall out of your control. Overall, 3cX Mobile Device Manager can be a great app for parents to take care of their teens while teaching them how to use the internet and smartphones safely. It's easy for us to forget sometimes, that it's a very different internet from when we were their age.

How it Works:  To get started, you need to head on over to the sign-up page and set up an account, it's quick and easy though, so don't worry:



Everything is easily laid out for you, and it can be done easily before you even pass the phone onto your child:



When you're setting up the app, you'll have to give the app administrator rights, which is easy and straightforward to do:

2013-07-16 08.30.25



You'll be using the website for most of the time, which is very easy to use and works really quite nicely. It's super-easy to send messages, locate the phone, control apps and more. You can easily send messages to your kid's phone, without it being an SMS and getting lost in the thousands of messages our kids send these days.


The message will be received on the phone and look like this:


2013-07-16 08.37.20

The website is really helpful and will give you access to all the features you need and want, such as the ability to control apps and more. If you're a parent and you feel the need to keep on top of your children's time online, you need to use 3CX Mobile Device Manager.

Opinion: I'll confess to not being a parent myself but, at 22, I can see how the internet has changed dramatically from even when I was 13 or so. Imagine what the internet is like, with smartphones on hand, for kids that age now? Social Networks are second nature to a lot of these kids and there are more ways to share data than ever. Of course, you need to make sure your kids know what they're doing online, until they do though you can hold their hands with 3CX Mobile Device Manager. Being able to wipe a device quickly and easily if it's stolen or lost, is a great weight off of parents' minds, especially when you consider the photos that teens love to take and send to friends. Apps and games are what make our devices but they're not all safe and some of them can be quite mature. Being able to control what apps and games your kids play is a great feature, after all you can police the games they play on the Xbox or the Wii – so why not their smartphones and tablets?



  • Speed (4/5) – Setting everything up can be a chore but after that it works really quite quickly. 
  • Features (5/5) – If you're a parent that's worried about your child online, you need to take a look at 3CX Mobile Device Manager and what they can offer.
  • Theme (3.5/5) – The app looks okay and the website is easy enough but, some of the features can make it a little crowded on the web.
  • Overall (5/5) – For parents, there's no better way to keep on top of your kids online and monitor their smartphone use. Take a look and see how it can put your mind at rest.


  • 3CX Mobile Device Manager allows you to remotely wipe a lost or stolen smartphone, deleting all those images and personal data of your kids. 
  • Apps and games need monitoring, especially those that are a gateway to mature material, Mobile Device Manager can help you do that.
  • Tracking your kids might sound creepy but, having to call them all the time and nag them is surely more stressful than a quick log-in online.
  • You can easily lock the device remotely, to make sure that your kids don't download another mature app without a lesson a first.


  • A specialized walkthrough for parents would be great. 
  • Android app still takes some time to connect.

Conclusion: 3CX Mobile Device Manager might look very much like a businessman's tool, and it is, but it can be great for parents looking to keep an eye on their kids. These days, smartphones are everywhere and it'd be unfair to deny your kids the same phone as their friends but, making sure they're safe and using things properly is important. Until they get that though, you can hold their hand using this, it's a great way to make sure that sensitive data, such as photos and passwords, don't fall into the wrong hands and you can even find out where they are all the time. Nobody wants to be the nagging parent calling all the time, and with 3CX, you don't need to be, you can simply log on and find out if they really are at the Mall or at their friend's place. All-in-all, there's a lot on offer here, especially if you've got kids aged 13 – 18, and especially for young girls that enjoy sending pictures to their friends. It's no longer just making sure they get home on time, the Internet is a dangerous place and it's a lot different from when we were their age.