Droid Daily 7/5/13: Samsung Chromebook, Vudu, Xperia Z Ultra, and More


Vudu now available for Phones

Yesterday, Vudu for Android updated to support some phones. Instead of just being compatible with tablets.

Currently supported Android phones include:


Samsung Galaxy Note, Note II, S IV, S III, S II HD

Nexus 4

HTC One, EVO 4G LTE, Droid DNA


LG Optimus G, G Pro, F7

Motorola RAZR HD

Want to use your own number when travelling?

Often times when travelling you just grab a SIM from a carrier in the country your in so you don't have to pay roaming fees. Well there's a new Roamer app that is going to be coming to Android and iOS and will allow you to have local rates when traveling and using your own phone number.


Sony Xperia Z Ultra Shows up in a new Video

Sony has just released a new video where they are showcasing their newly announced Xperia Z Ultra. Which is their 6.44-inch phablet, and my next phone!

Samsung Chromebook $199 Refurbished

Chromebook Stacks

Right now, BestBuy is offering the Samsung Chromebook for $199 refurbished. Now that's only $50 off the normal price of a brand new one. So you might want to spend the extra $50 and get a brand new Chromebook instead of a refurbished one.