Droid Daily 7/11/13: Google Drive, CBS Sports Fantasy Football, Google+ and More


Verizon Galaxy S4 32GB On Sale for $249.99

Currently, the only place you can grab the Galaxy S4 32GB version for Verizon is Verizon. So they've put it on sale, by dropping the price to $249.99. That's the same price as AT&T, and that's $50 cheaper than it was when it first went on sale.

Google+ App Updates Again

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Today, The Google+ app got updated so you can see what your friends have +1'd on the social network. This is a very Facebook-esque feature, and many people don't like it too much.

What's in this version:

– Discover posts that your friends have +1'd


CBS Sports Fantasy Football gets updated

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CBS Sports Fantasy Football gets a complete makeover for the 2013 season, which should be starting soon. You can grab it from the Play Store now.

Loki Galaxy S4 Bootloader Bypass Tool now Supports LG Devices too



Dan Rosenberg's Loki Galaxy S4 bootloader Bypass tool has now been updated to include support for some LG devices. One of those being the LG Optimus G Pro.

Google Drive makes Copy/Paste Easier in Google Chrome


Yesterday Google Drive announced some updates to their web interface, which includes making it easier to copy/paste inside Google docs. This is a very welcomed change:


An easier way to copy and paste

When using +Google Chrome, you can copy slides from one presentation to another, bring shapes from drawings into a slide, or even take tables from a spreadsheet and paste it into a +Gmail message — and formatting stays exactly the same. You can access copy/paste using keyboard shortcuts or from the right-click menu.

On a different browser? Try the web clipboard which will also help you copy and paste: http://goo.gl/WZxKH