CyanogenMOD Teases Nemesis And We Have No Idea What's It About


CyanogenMod, created by Steve Kondik and currently maintained by a lot of very smart developers, loved by a huge community and installed in over a million devices, is a custom ROM with support for about 200 devices that brings a whole bunch of modifications to Android but still praises the stock experience as base, many people prefer it even over stock Android and use it daily on their Nexus devices.Even I thought about making the change myself, but I’m sticking to what Google made for now, although that might change in the future, depending on what’s this new idea they teased called Nemesis.

We love teasers, we love to guess what they’re about, we love the idea of something new, something exciting that we’ve never seen before. For now, Nemesis is just that, hope of something different.

The CyanogenMod Google+ page just posted a 31-second teaser about something called Nemesis with the phrase “Something new is coming…” I say something because that’s all I can say after watching the video. The only real thing shown is the stock Android lockscreen with the word Free where the carrier should be.

Whatever is up CyanogenMod’s team sleeves, I’m sure it’s gonna be interesting, those guys are incredibly smart and they’ve been improving on what Android is for years. This Nemesis thing will probably be open source as they usually work and that means more goodies for everyone.

If I have to guess, I would say it’s the whole CyanogenMod as an app, that can be installed on any rooted device. Just imagine that, you take your device, root it, install Nemesis, and boom! you just got every modification CyanogenMod has but on your phone, no custom ROM, no flashing, nothing. Almost like a skin on top of Android, but good and customizable to the extreme.

That would be awesome, wouldn’t it?

The video does talk about memories, people, pixels, look, feeling, action, music, so my idea is not completely out of the question, they’re talking about personalization, about making things your own, about having something better, even if it’s not perfect, so yes, having an amazing amount of customization and modifications available to any phone would fit that category.

All right folks, you got us hooked and hyped, now give us something good, we’re waiting.