Could The New Nexus 7 Be Launching with 4GB of RAM?


Just like pretty much every other device to launch in 2013, we've heard so much about the new Nexus 7 that it's not even funny at this point. Still, sometimes there's something a little more exciting than just a leaked blurrycam shot here or a "source familiar with the matter" there, and this little gem seems to be one of those. Recently there was a video that leaked out that didn't really show us much, aside from the fact that this latest Nexus 7 is going to be a minimal affair as well.

CNET have gotten their hands on a new image though, that's a little easier to read and to make out. Take a look below:


As Android Police pointed out, you can make out that the listing for Memory reads "256*16" now, what do you get when you multiply 256 by 16? 4096MB, which PC nerds will instantly recognize as 4GB of RAM - 4 lots of 1024MB - so this could be a massive hint that the new Nexus 7 is going to ship with 4GB of RAM. While it's perhaps a little extreme, it does make a lot of sense for a device like the Nexus 7. Google doesn't position the Nexus 7 like they do their Nexus phones, it's a consumption first and foremost. With Google selling us apps, games, movies, TV Shows, books and magazines. It stands to reason that Google will want to deliver the best experience to its users in order to consume more content on the go.

With 4GB of memory, you'd be able to quickly change from books, to magazines, to TV Shows and Music. 2GB might be more than enough for smartphones but, with 4GB on a tablet, you could have more apps running in the background than you'd know what to do with. The next Nexus 7 is rumored to have a Snapdragon 600 inside of it, which is perfectly fast enough for stock Android to zip along with, 4GB of RAM would only make things better, and would make it a lot easier keeping those apps and games running in the background.

There's a chance that the sticker is a misprint of course, and that this next Nexus 7 is "only" shipping with 2GB of RAM. Either way, we might find out come July 24th.

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