Carly Foulkes Making a Return to T-Mobile?

July 10, 2013 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Yesterday, Carly Foulkes, who was the “T-Mobile girl” for quite a while, put out a tweet with a teaser via Vine, basically saying “stay Tuned” while showing her various costumes she’s worn in the past for T-Mobile commercials. So could T-Mobile’s event today mark the return of Carly? Since John Legere took over, Carly has been non-existent, but I’m sure I’m not the the only one hoping that she does make a return to T-Mobile. In the tweet, there’s even a #Tmobile hashtag, which pretty much confirms she’s coming back to T-Mobile. We just don’t know when yet.

Back in March, T-Mobile had chosen to go through a new marketing move, when they first announced their new UNcarrier plans. Here’s what the company said back in March:

“The current campaign will not feature the character of the T-Mobile Girl, however she is still a part of the company’s brand family,” a spokesperson says.

I’m sure Carly would love to have her job back, right? Just imagine seeing Carly using the Galaxy Note 3 or even the Galaxy S4. We definitely don’t want to see her using an iPhone 5, right? In about an hour, T-Mobile will be taking the stage in NYC to introduce their second phase of their UNcarrier model. So we might see Carly make an appearance, we might not. We’ll be bringing you all the news from the event as we usually do. There’s also talk of their new ‘Jump’ program which would allow customers to upgrade at any time. Now that’s something revolutionary. Much more revolutionary than anything Apple has done recently.


Here’s Carly’s tweet, along with her Vine. Let’s hope the “stay tuned” translates into today!

How many of you miss Carly? What were some of your favorite T-Mobile commercials featuring Carly Foulkes? Let us know in the comments down below.