Android OTA: Device Updates & Firmware Weekly Report – July 4th Edition


Galaxy Beam Jumps to Android 4.1.2 samsung-galaxy-beam111

If you remember the "projector phone" from Samsung then there's a good chance that you either ended up buying one or you thought it was a stupid idea. Well, Samsung hasn't given on the device entirely as it's just been update to Android 4.1.2, which is a massive leap from the outdated Android 2.3 that it was running since launch. Users that have received the update say that the device is a lot more responsive and that it's improved battery life as well.


HTC One Gets Updated to 4.2.2 in Taiwan




While it's not the news most of you were hoping for, HTC have rolled out their update to Android 4.2.2. Albeit in Asia, specifically to users of the device in Taiwan, which is annoying to say the least but, better than not at all. You can read more about the update here, for the most part this is an incremental update and there's nothing special from HTC on offer here.

Verizon XYBOARD Tablets to Get Android 4.1; WiFi Variants Stuck With 4.0.4




In a very strange move, Verizon are actually going to take better care of their devices than the manufacturer is. Motorola will be updating both versions of the XYBOARD tablet but, the WiFi variants will stay as they are – at 4.0.4, which is ridiculous. XYBOARDS of the 8.2 and 10.1 variety on Verizon's network will get updated to Android 4.1, a recent update to Motorola's listings confirms but, the WiFi version of these will stay the same. Which means that for these devices in Europe, there's potentially no hope of an Android 4.1 update. This is a strange move from Verizon but, hell, if they're going to push manufacturers for more updates then we're all for it!

HTC One S to Not Get Android 4.2.2 or Sense 5; HTC France Confirms




The above is a reply in French to a Facebook user by the official Facebook handle for HTC France. Essentially, it dooms the HTC One S to Android 4.1 at best. HTC France's reply is translated below:


Hello Philippe, we inform you that the HTC One S no longer have access to updates for future versions of Android and HTC Sense. We are aware that this information will disappoint some, but our customers can be confident that we have designed for the One S that offers video and audio experience of the highest quality. Thank you.

There is absolutely no excuse whatsoever for HTC to not update the One S to Android 4.2.2, aside from pure laziness. Nevertheless, Android 4.1 should suffice for most users. The frustrating part here is that the hardware is more than capable of running Android 4.2.2 perfectly well, even without updating Sense to version 5. Again, this seems to confirm that HTC can't get their act together when it comes to updates, which is a real shame. If you're a T-Mobile customer with an HTC One S, Android 4.1 is the last stop for your device but, realistically that's not too outdated a version of Android but, we did expect better from HTC.

Verizon's Pantech Perception Gets Android 4.1.2




Big Red's mid-range Pantech that launched back in April is getting its first major software update, which brings it into the Jelly Bean fold. The Pantech Perception is the 4.8-inch dual-core device that a few of you out there picked up and it's good to see Verizon taking care of them. The update comes in at 416MB so, it's perhaps a good idea to download it over WiFi, to save on your data allowance. Things will remain much the same after the update but there are some subtle changes.


OUYA Gets Updated to Software Version 1.0.346



The Android games console is getting its first update, well, it's second really. In the week the device saw two updates, to version 1.0.328 and then to 1.0.346. Here's the complete changelog from both updates, and what you should expect when updating from before 1.0.328 to 1.0.346.

  • Game Details page has been re-designed:
  • Images and buttons now easier to navigate
  • Selecting (Pressing the (O) button on) an image will show it full screen
  • Description text no longer flows off screen.
  • "More Info" button allows user to read full description text
  • Longer titles now accommodated better
  • Queued downloads now display as "In Queue…"
  • Ratings system has been updated to use a more intuitive system of age ranges
  • Founders Icon for games now appears on the Game Details page. Thanks for believing!
  • Download behavior changes:
  • Game downloads can now be cancelled!
  • Downloads have been limited to 1 to increase performance while navigating during a download
  • Downloads are paused when a game is running to maintain best performance while playing. They resume automatically when exiting the game
  • Downloads now start in the order they were queued
  • Downloads give a clear indication when there is not enough space left to accommodate them
  • Added the ability to set a PIN code for purchases. Parents rejoice! This can be found in under MANAGE -> ACCOUNT -> PARENTAL CONTROLS
  • Added support for redeeming pre-paid cards. They can be redeemed when creating a new user, or from the MANAGE -> ACCOUNT -> PAYMENTS screen
  • Re-flowed in-game purchases to accommodate pre-paid cards. Allows the user to fix purchase errors without leaving the game.
  • Logging out now allows users to log in or create a new user
  • PLAY category now sorts by most recently played or downloaded
  • Changed background image. Style points +1
  • Changed layout of Network screen to match the new user experience.
  • Changed the look of more dialogs to have the OUYA theme
  • Fixed bug that could cause the account screen to appear to not respond to user input
  • Fixed a bug that could occur when getting a system update while out of space
  • New repository with 3rd party game engine
  • Fixed changing passwords through Gamers Portal blocking users 
  • Fixed purchases not working when changing to a Dev account 
  • Fixed simultaneous button presses not registering in some MP game

Kyocera Torque Gets Android 4.1.2 Starting July 5th




The Kyocera Torque is finally leaving Ice Cream Sandwich behind, with an update to Android 4.1.2. The software version will jump to 2.000sp and there are overall improvements to the rest of the system, not just Android. Of course, Android 4.1 will allow you finally to get access to Google Now and should make the device that little bit snappier. The update is best downloaded over WiFi and should be rolling out tomorrow. If you haven't received a notification, then head on over to settings and see if you can manually pull the update down.

C-Spire Galaxy S III Finally Gets Premium Suite Update



For those out there running a Galaxy S III on C-Spire, you'll finally be able to get access to the premium suite with this latest update. Things are kept at Android 4.1.2 but you get multi-window and the rest of the suite. If you've not got the update yet go ahead and try the following: Settings > About Device > System Updates > Check Now.

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