Android OTA: Device Updates & Firmware Weekly Report – July 25th Edition



ASUS Update PadFone With Improved Stability and Tweaks




The PadFone is perhaps a device that only a few of you actually bought over in the East but, that won't stop ASUS and their near-legendary support of their devices. This time around it's getting an update to software version and brings with it some changes under the hood and promises to improve stability of the device. The update has been confirmed for WW, RUS, and HK versions of the PadFone and is available from ASUS now. Changelog is below:

  • More stable system in phone and tablet PC modes
  • Strengthened Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections
  • Optimized the switching function between Bluetooth earphone and speaker
  • More stable FM radio broadcast
  • Enhanced the e-mail function
  • Improved the phone's security and SD card data storage function
  • Enhanced the apps' interfaces and performances

HTC One Gets Update on T-Mobile, Sticks With Android 4.1.2


T-Mobile is updating their HTC One to version 1.27.531.11, which unfortunately keeps things at Android 4.1.2 but does bring enough with it to warrant the update. The changelog is pretty vague but, coming in at 247MB, there's gotta be something good in here. For the most part, this update focuses on LTE reception and "processor enhancements" whatever they are. Here's the skinny from T-Mobile:



  • Android version 4.1.2/Software 1.27.531.11
  • Approved 07/22/13
  • Improvements
  • Software stability
  • LTE and reception
  • Processor enhancements
  • Prerequisites
  • 1.27.531.8
  • Device software is not rooted
  • 50% battery life
  • Data connection
  • File size of update is 247 MB

For more info, head on over to T-Mobile or HTC to manually update your device.

You might want to hold off on this one though, as T-Mobile have confirmed that there's an issue with the update. In that it removes HDR from the shooting menu in the camera app. Below is an official statement and there's apparently a fix coming shortly:


A recent software update for the HTC One on T-Mobile USA provides a number of software fixes but it also inadvertently removes HDR mode from the camera settings. HTC is aware of this issue and will be pushing out a fix for impacted customers as soon as possible.

Rogers, TELUS and Bell Update Their Galaxy S4s in Canada




While Canada has a different Wireless landscape to the US, they're not too shabby when it comes to updates. The SGH-I343M model of the Galaxy S4 should be getting a sizable update of over 300MB real soon – if not already. Rogers, TELUS and Bell – along with Fido, Virgin and Koodo – are to roll out the update that brings with it Apps to SD, Knox security and more. It's worth noting however, that Knox will lock your bootloader, so if you're keen on keeping things rooted and custom, this is an update you want to avoid. Having said that, you're probably running a custom ROM with this update already in it as the update was rolled out in the States not too long ago.

Sony Xperia ZL Gets Android 4.2.2 on Rogers




Those with the Xperia ZL on Rogers have something to get a little excited about as the Android 4.2.2 update is finally rolling out to you, as well. This is mostly one of those updates that patches things up behind the scenes but, there are a couple of interesting gems in there. Like the added support for DualShock 3 controllers to play games, now that's nice to have!


Android 4.3 Rolls Out to Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Nexus 10 and of course, the Galaxy Nexus



Yesterday, Google had a lot to show off – we got a new Nexus 7, Android 4.3 and a whole device in the Chromecast. You Nexus users though, you wonderful, crazy, faithful people, all you care about is Android 4.3 – right? It's the version number you guys are after, we get it – bragging rights. Well, while Android 4.3 isn't huge, there is a lot more than meets the eye and of course, Nexus users are able to get at it first. Right now, there is a couple of ways you can get your hands on it, starting with the factory images, which you can use to update – and wipe in the process – your device to Android 4.3, which you can download here. Nexus 4 users can download the update here and sideload, while those on the Nexus 7, Nexus 10 and Galaxy Nexus might be in for a little bit of a wait. We'll update this post with links over the course of the week though, so check back with us in a day or two. By then though, you're probably going to be running some tricked out custom Android 4.3 ROM.