Android News Canada 7/19/13: Koodo, 2-year Contracts, White Nexus 4, TELUS LTE Expansion, and More


Bell Gains an Exclusive on the Sony Xperia Z

Shortly after T-Mobile announced a release date for their exclusive on the Xperia Z in the US. Bell has now announced that they have an exclusive on the Xperia Z and it'll be available later this month in black, white and purple. Kind of surprised to see more carriers launching the Xperia Z this late into its life cycle.

Canadian Galaxy S4 (SGH-M919V) Gets Updated



This week, Samsung began pushing out an update to the SGH-M919V model of the Galaxy S4 that's avalable in Canada. This is more or less, the same update we've seen in the US for Sprint, AT&T and Verizon Galaxy S4's already. Here's what's new:

  • Apps2SD
  • Some new icons in the settings
  • Additional 'Smart Pause' button in quick settings
  • Stability improvements
  • Upgrades the camera firmware.
  • Storage shown as 16GB now, but 6.38 GB is occupied by System memory under 'Misc'

Sony's Xperia SP Lands on Rogers, Fido and Virgin


This week, Sony's mid-ranger, the Xperia SP has landed on three carriers in Canada. You'll be able to grab the Xpeira SP from Rogers, Fido and Virgin from $299.99 to 325 outright depending on the carrier. Not a bad price for this mid-ranger.


White Nexus 4 hits Videotron


The white Nexus 4 may be sold out or out of stock elsewhere in the world. But in Canada it's now available at Videotron. They are offering it for $0 on a reduced plan or you can buy it for $499.95 outright. With the possibility of a Nexus 5 coming out in just a few months this is something you might want to think long and hard about before pulling the trigger.

Rogers going to implement 2-year contract pricing



Rogers will be joining Bell and TELUS who will be beginning 2-year contracts later this month. Rogers hasn't given us a date yet. But Bell started on July 17th and TELUS on July 30th. So hopefully Rogers will start sometime this month.

TELUS Expands its LTE Network


Good news for TELUS customers in Manitoba. TELUS has just expanded their LTE coverage into Winnipeg. So now you can get blazing fast internet speeds in Winnipeg as well and fly through your data cap even faster than before.


Bell has some new monthly rate plans


This week Bell has introduced some new monthly rate plans. Mobile Syrup was able to get an internal memo explaining it all which you can see above. Data caps still seem to be pretty limited, unfortunately, in this day of storing everything in the cloud.

Koodo Changing Monthly Rate Plans, Also going live with new Tab Structure



Koodo has introduced some new plans this week. Including a new tab structure. The "Tab Small" is at $0-$150, "Tab Medium" $150.01-$300 and "Tab large" is $300.01-500. This is a new sliding scale of hardware subsidy for customers. You can find more details on both plans and changes over at Koodo's website.