Android How To: Play YouTube HD Videos on 3G and 4G Networks on your Android Phone or Tablet

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Right now, the YouTube app only allows you to play videos in HQ mode on 3G and 4G. But if you’re on a Wi-Fi network, you can experience full HD videos. Nowadays we’re getting phones with full HD displays, and even the mid-range devices are coming with 720p displays like the HTC First. So why can’t we get full HD video on our phones? We should be able to play it on mobile networks right? Well thanks to a modded APK from the geniuses over at XDA, we can.

This app allows you to stream full HD videos on any Android device. Even those with HD displays. Some people might think it makes no sense, but trust me, you’ll definitely notice it. I used to think I couldn’t tell the difference between a 1080p and a 720p display.


  1. Go to the XDA forums and download the modded YouTube APK
  2. Now before you install this app, you’ll need to remove the default YouTube app. So you’ll want to use Root Explorer or ES File Explorer and navigate to /system/app directory on your Android device to remove the old APK.
  3. Now you’ll need to place that new YouTube APK on your phone and copy it into the /system/app directory
  4. That’s it.

It’s just that easy to get full HD videos onto your Android phone or tablet. We’re hoping that Google will update the YouTube app to allow us to watch full HD videos on our mobile devices. It would be really awesome right? The modded APK for YouTube also allows playing back a video even after your device screen is turned off. Also once you install the APK, enable the option to watch HD videos on Wi-Fi, 3G and the screen-off video platback from under the advanced settings in the new app.

Just like that you can get 1080p videos on your Android device. How many of you are loving the 1080p videos on your phone or tablet? Let us know how this all works for you in the comments down below. Also if you have any problems feel free to leave a comment below.