Android Game Weekly 07/20/13-Bounty Arms, Riptide GP 2, Transport Tycoon, And More


Kerosene Games Releases Bounty Arms A Week Early;Tells Everyone By Way Of Tweet

A lot of you may be familiar with Kerosene Games by now. They partnered with Luma Arcade on the coveted game Bladeslinger, and it seems the next title they had in the works was supposed to be released sometime next week officially. Bounty Arms, which is sort of 3D side scroller (but you can move forward and backwards as well and sometimes the map changes with you) action RPG,unnamed (4) seems to have gotten Kerosene so excited that they couldn't wait till next week when the official release date was. On their official twitter page, they posted a tweet stating that they were so excited for Bounty Arms they had to release it a week ahead of time. You can view the actual tweet here, which also told the publishing company's fans and followers that the game should be live any time.unnamed (1) The tweet was thrown up yesterday afternoon around 2:53 pm, and I can assure you that it wasn't long before I was able to see the game in the play store and download it on to my device. This game has been in the works for a while but looks polished to the point that I'm starting to wonder if Mr. Clean may have a spot on the development team. The game will set you back $4.99, but easily worth it for a game of this caliber.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1

Riptide GP 2 Gets Official Release Date; July 23rd For $3
Those of you excited and eagerly awaiting the next game in the Riptide GP series from Vector Unit, will be happy to know that the game has gotten an official release date of July 23rd, and Vector Unit says the game will cost $3 once it hits the play store. The News came from Vector through reddit, in a sort of unplanned AmA. The news is certainly good news as many of us are waiting patiently for this to arrive. If you're not up to speed on what Vector Unit has to offer, they are the team behind games like the original Riptide GP, Beach Buggy Blitz, Shine Runner and others. If you want to participate in the conversation, you can still find the AmA over on reddit here, which is still going on.


Official Transport Tycoon Coming To Android Later In The Yeartransport-tycoon-logo
How many of you played SIM games when you were a kid? Flight SIM, SIM City? How about Transport Tycoon? The original games creator Chris Sawyer is working together with origin8 (the development team behind the awesome tower defense game Sentinel 3: Homeworld) to make an official Android version of the game. Together they hope to accomplish the richest SIM experience available on mobile. The original game was released for PC back in 1990, and now under Chris's new company 31x LTD, Transport Tycoon is getting the full overhaul for mobile and tablets with touch screen support, and a complete re-design and remaster. The game is "on track" to release later in the year, so if you're itching to build the next transport empire (digitally at least) you may want to keep an eye on this one.

Breach And Clear Strategy Game Receives The Official Trailer Treatmentbreach-and-clear-android-game
Breach and Clear is a tactical strategy game (think rainbow six) for mobile that is currently under development. So far the game has been looking good but up until now we really didn't have any sort of gameplay footage to drool over. Thankfully, that all changed on Monday when the guys over at Gun. media decided to release the official trailer for the game. After a thorough watch, and then another one, and maybe one more, I came to the conclusion that the game looks amazing and will be on one of my devices shortly after its launch. Breach and Clear for those of you who haven't been following the game, will allow you to basically build your squad from the ground up, and outfit them with all the gear they need. You can customize the entire teams load out, and even tailor the team to your liking so you become a force to be reckoned with. The game is currently out for iOS as of Thursday, which means the Android version of the game SHOULD be right around the corner. Cross your fingers.

Eternal Descent: Heavy Metal Heroes Comes To Android Next Yeareternal-descent-android-game
If you thought to yourself, why cant I play a game that takes the best of Streets of Rage and Brutal Legend and puts them together in a crazy mash-up that is so head banging you might get woozy and lose consciousness, good news is on the horizon. Eternal Descent: Heavy Metal Heroes is a game that embodies just that, and is actually going to be released sometime next year. I know that's a ways off, but hey, something to look forward to right? The game is an endless side scroller with some brawler feel to it.eternal-descent-android-game-1 If the endorphin's in your brain aren't already firing off in excess excitement like a fireworks display then perhaps a few screen shots will do the trick. Eternal Descent will have you battling your way to hell to the tune of, you guessed it… Heavy Metal music. All while you face off against other heavy metal legends that stand in your way.eternal-descent-android-game-2 The game is slated for iOS release first, with the Android, PC, and console version to come later on. Does anyone else feel the sudden urge to dig out a Metallica or Iron Maiden album?