Android Game Weekly 07/06/2013-Chaos Rings, Kavinsky, Real Racing 3, Prince Of Persia, And More



Chaos Rings Ventures Into Social Waters With Next Title
If you play RPG games on mobile you have probably heard of the Chaos Rings Franchise from Square Enix. It's wildly popular and with good reason. Square Enix wants to take Chaos Rings social though so you can not only play a great RPG but interact with other players. Chaos Rings Sigma android game 1Chaos Rings Sigma as it will be called is going to be a TCG based game it looks like and it will feature 27 of the main characters throughout the series. Its supposedly going to be a free title with IAP support. So once its released we can give a little more detail on how those things are going to affect the game if at all.

Upcoming Brawler Title Kavinsky Looks Top NotchKavinsky-Android-Game
There's just something about cell-shaded games that i really dig. They look so damn cool and it just makes me feel like i'm controlling the characters inside of a comic book or graphic novel. The upcoming brawler type game from Vincent Belorgey called Kavinsky has this style and the game looks absolutely stunning. Kavinsky is going to be an old school retro brawler game with ass kicking and driving fast cars, which everyone knows of course is the recipe for success in a game like this. Along with the games retro theme comes the ability to swap out the graphics for 16-bit ones if you so choose in 'retro game mode'.Kavinsky Android Game 1 One of the other cool features of Kavinsky that seems to be gaining some popularity in games is augmented reality. You will be able to use your devices rear facing camera to fight in special bonus levels that use the scenery of the area your in as a background. Legit right? Excited for Kavinsky like I am? The official release onto all supported mobile platforms is supposed to be on July 8th. So we should only have two more days till we see how Kavinsky will stack up.


Real Racing 3 Update Comes With Huge Game Tweaks Like Career Progression And Trial Modeunnamed
Real Racing 3 despite all its bad press and hate filled reviews around launch is still a widely popular racing title on mobile. The reason is because its still an awesome game, and its about to get more awesome. The newest update, called "prestige" is going to bring some hefty changes. A brand new career progression, trial mode and new cars are just some of the things we will see in this new update. Over 180 events are part of this new update along with the ability to buy cars from Bentley and Mercedes-Benz. unnamedTwo very welcomed manufacturers to the game I think. The new game mode that will be introduced called time trial mode, will let you race against others from all over the world, and the fastest time gets to take home the bragging rights. Just like other elements in the game, you'll have to accumulate enough in game currency to participate in Time Trial races which you obtain over time. The new currency is called Drive and you can either let it stack up as time goes on or purchase more via IAP. All the same, the new update seems to be pretty cool and will make the game a lot more fun.

Evertales by Crescent Moon Games Hits Play Store July 3rdunnamed (1)
Crescent Moon Games has been on a roll lately with releasing games. Their newest, called Evertales just landed in the Play Store on July 3rd and is a 3D Platformer style game with some RPG elements mixed in. In Evertales, you can play as one of three different heroes types, each with their own unique abilities and you can outfit them with tons of different gear and weapons.unnamed (2) A total of 27 weapons to hack and slash your way to victory is available along with loads of outfit customization options for your hero, you can also expect the usual boss fights and gorgeous graphics like from most Crescent Moon game titles. There looks to be lots of content, and the game is available in the store for $1.99. So if you need a new weekend game, give this one a shot.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1

Prince Of Persia: The Shadow And The Flame Gets Official Release DatePrince-Of-Persia-shadow-and-the-Flame-Android
Those of you looking forward to the new Prince of Persia game coming to Android now have a release date to look forward to. July 25th! The game is going to follow the original story line and continue where the trilogy left off, but make no mistake this isn't just a port. The game has been completely redone for the modern gamer and it isn't limited to the story either. The controls, gameplay, and graphics have all been retouched to fit into a mobile platform. You will be able to use multiple control schemes, so you should be able to find one that fits your liking. In total there will be 15 levels to play through and over 25 weapons with special abilities for you to use against your enemies in this game. Now that we have an official date, we won't have to wait very long to get our hands on some Prince of Persia action.


New Angry Birds Update Brings Along Special Powers For The Red Birdunnamed (2)
Angry Birds has long been a household name in mobile gaming. There are many different types of Angry Birds games, and they get updated frequently with new content so you always have some more 3 star goals to achieve. The one thing that has always been missing though is powers for the red bird. Previously, if you flung him and then tapped on the screen like you would for other birds all you would get is a squawk. That all changes with this new update.unnamed (3) The red bird finally gets his own powers, 'Red's Mighty Feathers'. The powers aren't all that's new though, you'll have a host of new levels to play through as well like with most Angry Birds updates. Along with the new levels comes a new game mode called "egg defender" which will have the birds trying to protect their eggs from would be piggy thieves. The new game mode seems to be a mesh of Angry Birds and Bad Piggies as the pigs will be using their contraptions (all 72 of them) to try and steal the egg away. Sounds like a huge update for the game and it is live in the play store now so if you haven't done it yet, now is a good time to do so.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1

Way Of The Dogg Gets Released; Ass Kicking Rhythm Based Play For Allunnamed (3)
Some of you may have heard of the rhythm based action brawler starring snoop dogg that was to be released called Way of The Dogg. Well its now out and ready for anyone who is willing to give it a try. Developed by 505 games, Way of The Dogg will have you playing through multiple levels where you beat some ass to Snoop Dogg music. unnamed (5)The game is Rhythm based so you will be landing attacks to the beat of the music. There are 14 different levels to fight through, each one with a new location and a new opponent, along with a new Snoop track. There is also a multiplayer mode so you can kick your friends digital ass. The game is set at $1.99, so bust out the gin and juice, sit back and relax and learn the Way of The Dogg.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1