Android Game Of The Week: Order And Chaos Duels


Those of you who have been playing and following the series of Order and Chaos games from Gameloft probably already have a grasp on the workings of Order and Chaos Duels. It's simply put, a TCG inspired by the characters and lore of the Order and Chaos universe. Like any other TCG, the game supports online multiplayer and leaderboards. You can contend with others for dominance and bragging rights. That's the whole idea behind competitive multiplayer gaming isn't it? The game is not just a simple trading card battle game though. There's actually a little bit of a story behind it as well.unnamed (1)
You(the card dueler) must help rid the world of an ancient evil known as "Zepar" and help restore order before things are too late.You are the world's only hero, and consequently the world's only hope. There are 300 cards in total to collect all of which bare the same fantastic art of the popular 3DMMORPG. Now 300 cards doesn't sound like a lot, but Gameloft is always updating their Order and Chaos series games so more cards are sure to be added in future updates.unnamed (3)
The Duels are said to be fast when it comes to matchmaking and easily accessible which is great if you don't have a lot of time to play but want to get in a quick duel or two. (Or three if you're me and don't know when to stop sometimes… *raises hand, long drawn out sigh,* Guilty)unnamed (2)
Now let's say you have a little more time on your hands, fast matches are great, but you have more time to devote to a game. So you probably want quality more so than a quick route to a speedy game. That's why its awesome that Order and Chaos Duels offers a rich content structure to the game with mechanics that mirror a true TCG style, so you know what to expect in terms of how to play, and you get good wholesome content filled with story and action packed battles. Ok, maybe not wholesome, but now after reading that word aren't you just the slightest bit hungry? I could go for a huge bowl of wheaties right now. Maybe some Raisin Bran. unnamed (4)
Now we've nailed some of the great reasons why Duels is a formidable TCG contender, but there are just a couple more reasons why if you play TCG type games, and haven't already played Duels, you should give it a try. The multiplayer is live and asynchronous which is what helps make things quick. You can optimize your deck to be more suitable for solo or multiplayer matches. This option to change things out ensures you have the right deck every time. Lastly, the game is free. Probably the best reason to at least try it out. So if you're in the market for a new trading card game, take a shot at Order and Chaos Duels and see how it fares.