Android Game Of The Day: Please Stay Calm


All you active gamers and Ingress advocates out there definitely need to take a look at "Please Stay Calm " from Mobage. Please Stay Calm takes the two ever rising genres of popular gaming; Location based games and Zombie titles, and has melded them together into one magnificent mega location based zombie hunt and free for all. It will be hard for any other location based game to gain steam and catch up to Ingress sure, but who can resist a location based real world digital zombie apocalypse? OK, people who don't care for games probably, and most likely people that hate zombie themed stuff… but that's not the point.unnamed (2)
Please Stay Calm positions you in the year 2014, things have gone terribly awry and the world has broken out into a zombie infested madhouse with no government contact. Your job as a survivor in the game(should you last through the night) is to help breach any undead onslaught and forge your way through to the top and rebuild society, effectively bringing the human race back to front lines and saving the world. unnamed (3)
Please Stay Calm is a location based MMORPG, so you can expect tons of people to be playing worldwide and have some RPG elements mixed in like leveling up and gathering resources. You'll have to scavenge real life locations for supplies to better your situation and help you live. It is also your duty to keep your neighborhood safe and make sure that the zombies don't take over the area around you. Fight back and keep the human race alive. You can work together with other local survivors to build up the most powerful safe house in the city, thus essentially making you and your band of undead hating misfits a dominant force to be reckoned with. unnamed (4)
You can forge alliances with other survivors or battle it out in a duel to prove your skills and worth, and you can even buy and upgrade to more powerful weapons like a chainsaw. The graphics are pretty damn good compared to what one might expect out of a location based game, giving Please Stay Calm more edge over other games of it's kind. There are currently 5 chapters in total to play through, with more being released as higher levels are developed for the game, so there is definitely a consistent set of content being pushed out to players. The game is free to play of course, but should you choose to fast track your way into the possession of some powerful and useful items, it may cost you. If you're finding this twist on the zombie game intriguing, head on over to the play store and check it out.unnamed