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If you like puzzle platformers with a minimalistic art style than you may remember LAD that was developed by Black Chair Games. They have brought us the sequel, or rather the prequel to LAD with LAD:Run. LAD:Run takes you back to the very beginning of the story to where things started so this should be a rather nifty little pick me up for LAD fans. Never played LAD? That's OK because its similar to games like Limbo or Naught, which you may have dabbled in. If not, the game is simply a platformer style game where you will be tested by solving puzzles to progress in the game.
The art is Limbo-esque(I know there are probably people who would argue with me here but lets just stop denying it), and with gameplay that looks so staggeringly alike how could you not at least want to give LAD:Run a try. Unlike its predecessor, you wont really be solving a series of puzzles ridden with mystery and intrigue to uncover more of the story, and find out more about our hero. You'll actually just be running endlessly while attempting to dodge incoming obstacles. With running being the main focus of movement in this game, it dances with the borderline of platformer and looks to venture into the world of continuous runner. At the very least it's a melding of the two.
You are certainly not required to play the games in any sort of order, so if you're looking to start up the series, you could go either way. Although it would make sense to start with the prequel even though it is the second game in the franchise. You'll find yourself collecting coins along the way, which you use to buy different power-ups that may help you through tough spots. If you get stuck, you just may need the help of a power-up. Journey with our little friend through this new addition and pick up extra friends as you get further as you'll be able to unlock characters later on. The game will set you back just over a buck and if you want both you can pick up the original for about the same price. Looking for a game to kill your weekend down time? Take a stab at LAD:Run

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