Android Game Of The Day-Kavinsky


These days, being someone famous like a popular Electronic/house artist is simply just not enough. You've got to expand into other roles and facets of life. What's more, if you're smart(and this is just in my humble opinion) you'll find a way to tap into one of the biggest industries right now. Video games. Even better if you come together with a crack team to create one. Well, that's what electronic music composer Vincent Belorgey did. unnamed
This sweet brawler style game that follows in the footsteps of such titles as Final Fight and Streets of Rage is just what the doctor ordered for gamers who are looking for some old school fun and don't want to break out the old Nintendo systems. Sure, you could just relive the moments through an emulator, and that's a great idea I might add, but Kavinsky is a nice modern refresh to those old games that add an element of fun those games couldn't deliver. Not because they weren't great games, but just because they were limited by their time. In Kavinsky, you'll assume the role of…. Kavinsky, which is just Vincent Belorgey's pseudonym/character persona for his Electronic house music. (The whole game is backed by multiple tracks off of his albums, including his most recent 2013 album Outrun.)unnamed (2)
The game has a great retro feel to it, but modernized with things like alternate camera angles and cell shaded graphics. you can toggle between a couple different camera views with the new style graphics or use the 16-bit camera view appropriately named retro mode if you feel the need to dial it back a few years. Controls are quite easy to pick up, a simple virtual D-pad on the left of the screen coupled with two large arcade machine style buttons on the right that handle your punches and kicks. Fill up Kavinsky's combo gauge and you'll unleash a barrage of attacks onto your enemy. A couple levels even have you driving Kavinsky's Ferrari where your goal is to beat the timer through checkpoints. The really interesting addition to this game i found kind of intriguing was the ability to utilize your phones camera to snap a picture of a detailed background, then using that as the backdrop for a few of the levels. This augmented reality feature mixes it up and almost introduces a little creative inspiration to the gamer. unnamed (3)
The game is free, which is nice considering the game is a little short as it is right now. Upon opening the game and hitting the start button though, you'll notice that there are only six playable levels at the moment, but more are displayed as "coming soon". Despite the game's short replay value, Kavinsky is still a great game that is fun to play. If you have some spare time, I highly recommend giving Kavinsky a try.unnamed (1)