Android Game Of The Day-Fireball SE

Taking survival games to a place not many would think they'd venture, Fireball SE is a whole different arcade experience that will grab your attention and keep it gravitating in its virtual orbit for days.

The controls are smooth as butter and you will need to fend off swarms of enemies and lead them to their impending doom. There are three different modes of play and two separate difficulty levels. Try your chances in waves mode where you will need to stick it out through eight continuous waves where the speed gets faster and the waves get larger. If wave style matches aren't your thing, countdown mode is full of energy. You'll have three minutes, to work your way through each stage (out of five total) and rack up your score as high as you possibly can. Utilize combos to string together points for a larger score. Lastly there's survival mode where you'll need to stay alive as long you can through five different stages. You can even activate Meltdown mode to slow the action down to a snails pace and help yourself escape death.

Fireball SE is a refreshing change of pace to the arcade survival genre that will keep you on the edge of your seat. You will need to keep your eyes glued to your display and will find the game hard to put down. The graphics here are even wonderful to look at and certainly play into the tone of the game. If you need something to wow your senses, Fireball SE will take your gaming sessions on an adventure you won't soon forget.

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