Android Game Of The Day-Cross Horizon


RPG games are a dime a dozen and mobile certainly has no shortage of them either. Something that is a little more on the rare side though is an Action/RPG with gesture based combat controls like swipe to attack and such. Cross Horizon delivers this merging of different game types to offer a totally unique experience to RPG gamers. A mixture of multiple game elements isn't all that Cross Horizon has to offer though. Fluidity and fantastic 3D graphics are great features all their own and deserve just as much praise as the game itself. unnamed
It has a completely open world map which is great for those who love the way the RPG game used to be, completely exploratory where the possibilities were limitless in where you could go and choose to forge adventure. RPG games more recently have strayed away from this type of gameplay only to pick up a more linear feel of traveling through the game. This is not the case with Cross Horizon. The real-time touch based combat is truly something you have to experience to see how awesome it is. You can string together combos for more devastating attacks, and timing your moves just right, could mean the difference between blocking an enemy attack with your shield or taking damage. You can even place traps and toss enemies into the abyss of bottomless chasms to emerge victorious in battle. Bad ass right?unnamed (2)
In addition to an interesting and surprisingly refreshing battle system, story driven quest lines and a rich dialogue give the gamer something to engage in and become attached to which is what you want with an RPG. Like all RPG titles, you want to make sure you stock up on things to aid you on your quests like magic enchanted armor and weapons. You can even craft and forge your own equipment and tailor it to your liking. Certain types are sure to help you more than others, so choose wisely. Items and abilities are not the only thing that will be able to help you though. You have the ability to enlist the aid of others to accompany you on your quests and in battles and you can command your party with each engagement and through the game. unnamed (1)
As RPG games go, Cross Horizon has a lot to offer that many others don't, and did i mention that the game is free? Yep. Best part about it all is the price tag. Free however, most certainly means there is some IAP, (which i'm hoping aren't completion impacting in any way) but that doesn't mean you are required to buy them. If you're looking for a totally different RPG experience, Cross Horizon not only looks cool but just might fill that void.unnamed (3)