Android Game Of The Day: Crazy Taxi


Relive the days of the year 2000 when a memorable Dreamcast Classic and future popular hit, was released for gamers everywhere. Just like they say, only the craziest cabbies come out on top, and in turn only the craziest gamers had the most success in Crazy Taxi. unnamed (2)
This loveable game from the Y2K era has finally been released onto Android. The port is well done, and has everything you know and love about the original, plus all sort of things added for the mobile gamers today. Like remastered graphics for today's displays and phones, touch and tilt controls (naturally), and a universal build that lets you play it across multiple devices regardless of size. So play it on your smartphone then go ahead and play it on that nexus 7 later on. SEGA was also smart enough to understand that some gamers HATE touch and tilt controls. So what did they do to address this concern? They added controller support via the MOGA, Xbox, and ALL HID controllers. Pretty nifty of those guys. unnamed (1)
Got a jones for some post 2000 angsty alt rock tunes? You're in luck, because the original soundtrack of the game is all but gone with music from The OffSpring and Bad Religion. In addition to the same great gameplay and awesome music, you'll notice not much has changed about the Crazy Taxi that we all remember. There's still hills you can grab so much air off of you could jump 15 buses, and the occasional romp through some rather aquatic territory. Use these tricks to your advantage to make your passengers go absolutely nuts. But HEY!! Don't push it, you wouldn't want to lose that fare. You can terrorize your clients and ravage your way through the streets in short spurts, so if you only have a few minutes to play that's totally fine. Choose 3, 5, or 10 minute increments to put on the clock in Original or Arcade Mode and rack up as much cash as you can. unnamed (3)
If you don't want to get burnt out on all the madness of Original or Arcade modes, you can spend your time wisely cruising through one of 16 mini games to keep the Crazy fun going. Need to give The Offspring a break? That's cool too, you can listen to music from your own playlist on your device. Now that right there is a well thought out feature. In all, Crazy Taxi is just as I remember it, and for those of you who played it back before Bush Jr. was allowed in office, you'll remember it just as fondly. Ahhh those were days. The game is set at the fair market price of $4.99 for all the crazy fun and enjoyment you could ever need in an arcade classic like this. Play Store link below. DO IT!unnamedGoogle-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1