Android 4.3 Rooted Before it's Even Announced Thanks to Chainfire

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The man behind SuperSU has done it again! More specifically, Chainfire has managed to root Android 4.3 before it’s even officially announced. How you ask? Easy, he modified his SuperSU root app to work with the Android 4.3 ROM that leaked out for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play edition.

This is perfect, considering that every single person who flashed the ROM on the device, be the GS4 Google Play edition or the original Galaxy S4 (which works perfectly fine) will be able to get access to apps that need root.

Chainfire informed everyone about this through it’s Google+ page explaining everything that he did to accomplish such task.

So here it finally is: the first root for the S4 GE 4.3 leak, and also the first 4.3 root in general.

It required quite a few mods to SuperSU, but it seems all features are fully operational. There’ll probably be some issues somewhere 😉

It remains to be seen if all of the protections that have been circumvented have been Samsung’s doing (as is normal for Samsung pre-release leaked firmwares), or if some of them are actually normal for Android 4.3.

What Chainfire is saying here, is that he’s not sure if he managed to circumvent a Samsung thing or a Google thing. There’s no way he could find out since Google didn’t say anything about Android 4.3 yet, and as such there’s no source code in the AOSP to take a look at.

If you are one of the daring users who are running Android 4.3, then I highly recommend you give this a try, I’m sure that at this point you’re missing all your root-needing apps. Let me remind everyone that this version of SuperSU is tailored specifically to Android 4.3 and won’t work on any other version.

Chainfire asked everyone not to mirror the file but to link to the original post instead, so go there for the download links and all the needed info, and give the man a hand by reporting any bugs in the thread over at XDA.

Google is rumored to announce Android 4.3 Jelly Bean any day now, with some rumors pointing to mid-July. Even if it’s a minor update, there should be many stuff under the hood like Bluetooth Low Energy (for smartwatches and the like), an always on WiFi mode for better location and more.