Your Smartphones Could Soon be Cooled By Liquid-Cooled Heatpipe


We've all had that feeling, that feeling when you're playing this kick-ass new game on your Android smartphone and then your hands start to get hot, and then your thumbs that are tapping that display, start to feel the heat coming up from the device's innards. That's the feeling of your CPU, or more accurately the SoC, inside your device getting nice and toasty as you demand more and more pretty pixels to dance for your pleasure. This isn't new, and yet there is something that can be done about it.

Some time ago we ran a piece on the pink phone you see above – the color doesn't matter – and you're probably wondering what makes this phone special, right? Well, as our original piece detailed, this NEC smartphone is the first in the world to be liquid-cooled via a very small heatpipe. Yepp, liquid-cooled smartphone. The image below gives a quick look at why something like this might be even remotely useful:




Smartphones get hot, and NEC have a solution for such a problem, liquid-cooling is the answer that they've come up with and while it does add a little bulk to the smartphone it'll keep things a lot cooler than your current smartphone. While this NEC smartphone is an NTT DoCoMo exclusive there's word coming from DigiTimes that this sort of technology could well make its way into smartphones from top OEMs. With our smartphones soon to gain quad-core CPUs that well exceed the 2.0 Ghz barrier, we might find ourselves needing a little help when it comes to keeping our smartphones cool when we're playing the latest Angry Birds game.


The ongoing trend of our smartphones adopting technology that we're used to seeing in computers of the past is set to continue and so, it stands to reason that cooling techniques will become commonplace in the future. Especially when you consider that graphics are being pushed further and further by the likes of Nvidia, with their new Tegra line bringing GPUs from the PC to smartphones and tablets. Would you like a device that's watercooled?

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