Yay, the HTC One is Now Available Through T-Mobile


This isn't necessarily huge news, but it is a great announcement to see especially if you're an HTC One fan. The handset will be launching for US T-Mobile customers today, which means you should be able to pick one up from a local store.

Last month only about 300 stores received commercial shipments, due to a limited rollout which  stemmed from supply issues. Needless to say, the issues have been resolved and the One will now be widely available. Repeat after me, "yay" (now you say it).


Of course, many of you have probably had your hands on the device for a while. I'm sure we'll get a bevy of emails claiming we're HTC fanboys here at Android Headlines for this next statement, but oh well it's the truth: there's no denying the fact that the HTC One is a gorgeous handset. It's a shame there aren't more devices like it… oh, who am I kidding? HTC just announced an entire line of upcoming One branded devices.

Getting back to the matter at hand, you can pick up the HTC One through T-Mobile with a $99.99 down payment along with a 24-month installment plan, meaning you pay a little extra with your monthly payments (no subsidy fees though). Adversely, if you don't want to pay monthly installments you can just buy the handset outright for $579.99.

I know lots of you were waiting for the T-Mobile version of the HTC One to drop, so it will be interesting to hear how many of you actually picked on up. If you did, or you already have one then drop a line in the comments below.


If you're wondering how the HTC One fares against the competition you can always check out our review of the device, which was done by our own charming Tom Dawson. Everybody wave to Tom and say "hi Tom!"

Are you picking up an HTC One through T-Mobile? Are you waiting for the stock Android packing Google edition? Are you going with another handset instead, and if so why? Let's have a healthy discussion in the comments below! No flaming allowed, unless of course you're lighting up a good ol' stogie in celebration.

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