Verizon to Offer Bespoke Galaxy S 4 Accessories Soon?


There's no denying that the Galaxy S 4 is an immensely popular smartphone, it's sold 10 million units already and it shows no signs of slowing down. For some though, this massive popularity could come with its own set of drawbacks - everyone else has the same phone as you, give or take. It's this same reason that a lot of people swapped away from the iPhone, because you have the same device as everyone else - how can you feel a little different when you have the same smartphone as everyone else in the office? Of course, for a lot of people this isn't a problem but, it is nice to have something you can call your own. One great thing about the Galaxy S 4's popularity is that there are accessories all over the place for this device - everyone makes something for the Galaxy S line. Now, Verizon themselves are going to be offering something a little bit different.

According to @evleaks, Verizon are gearing up to offer backplates with designs from Kidrobot, a company that partners with designers all over the world to bring cool stuff to the market. As you can see in the leaked flyer above, it looks as though customers will be able to choose from a vast range of different designs and create a wallpaper to go with it. Something similar is available for pretty much every other smartphone thanks to a company called Gelaskins but, being able to replace the backplate with a completely new one is pretty nice, it certainly beats having to fiddle around with stickers.

The concept is pretty neat, and it could also lead to Verizon giving away a freebie with a Galaxy S 4 purchase, but don't bet on it. We don't know when these will be hitting stores, or when they'll be available online but, judging from the leak it looks like Verizon is pretty far along with the process. If Kidrobot are only going to be offering this to Verizon customers then Big Red could have a real winner on their hands, and it might just be one more reason you still need to go in store every now and then.

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