Verizon Set to Launch Augmented Reality Contest Featuring ‘D:COM’ Robots and DROID Brand

June 19, 2013 - Written By Briley Kenney

Verizon and the @DroidLanding Twitter account will soon be launching an augmented reality contest using the famed DROID brand. Apparently it’s also going to involved a bunch of robots, go figure.

To get everyone ready, Verizon has posted a promo video (below) via their YouTube channel and through the DroidLanding Twitter account. There’s really no mention about the content itself or how people will participate, but it’s likely Verizon will release more information soon. As the promo video states the contest will kick off sometime this month.

It looks like there will be an accompanying app of some kind, probably allowing you to interact with the robots starred in the video. Expect to be able to take photos with the robots and possibly experience them digitally reacting to your presence through the exclusive app. Of course that’s just pure speculation on my part at this point, because Verizon and @DroidLanding have yet to confirm anything.

It’s possible that the contest is based on this existing D:COM game or maybe that is the actual app for the contest.

Hopefully there will be some pretty cool prizes for the contest, like maybe a new smartphone or tablet? Unfortunately, since the contest is being hosted by Verizon, it will probably be Verizon themed prizes (that goes without saying). I’m sure many of you just groaned or let out a sigh of exasperation.

What do you think about the contest? Do have any predictions for what’s coming? What do you think of those robots in the promo video?