USAToday's Galaxy S4 Active Didn't Survive a "Dip" in The Pool

The Galaxy S4 Active has always been something of a strange device from Samsung, not because it's too different from the Galaxy S4 itself - because it isn't - but because this is the first time that Samsung has released a high-end device that's slightly rugged. It's pretty clear that they're following in the Xperia Z's footsteps here, creating a device that's both high-end and water and dust resistant. If the Galaxy S4 is a "Life Companion" then the Galaxy S4 Active is "Life Proof", it's a great concept from Samsung, it's a device that has the best of the Galaxy S4 inside and it's got a unique look, along with that all-important water resistance.

What was once the reserve of pretty much every Japanese smartphone to hit the market, is fast becoming a trend here in the West. The US carriers have long stocked "rugged" devices that are built like tanks, with the Rugby representing Samsung. For a lot of us though, the most common killer of smartphones is spillages, which the Galaxy S4 Active can handle quite well. USAToday had a little fun with the device, and you can watch the video below, and Ed Baig even decided to take a little swim with the device, watch what happened:

Basically, the Galaxy S4 Active didn't survive a "dip" in the pool but, Mr Baig says he didn't go deeper than 1 meter, and not for as long as 30 minutes. Which is exactly what Samsung recommend the Active is capable of and in fact, they encourage you to take photos underwater with the device. We're sure that this is just a minor slip up for just this model, Samsung have made rugged devices before and so we're sure they're looking into such issues but, realistically people shouldn't expect military grade resistance to water here anyway.

If you're on AT&T and you're looking for a device that can stick up to the kids or your clumsy friends then the Active is definitely a device to consider, it's only available on AT&T though,which is a shame but it's not exactly a universal device. Have you been thinking about buying something like this?


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