This Week's Burning Question: Have you Ordered a Google Edition HTC One or Galaxy S4?

Yesterday, the Galaxy S4 and HTC One Google Edition went on sale on Google Play. For $600-650 depending on the device. We also learned quite a bit about those two devices this week. For one, the source code will be available. Binaries and factory images will not be available. Updates will not come from Google, but they say updates will come very quickly for the Google Edition phones. That we'll have to hang tight for Android 4.3 to find out how "fast" the updates will come out.

Which leads us into this week's burning question. Now that the Google Edition phones are out, or at least available for ordering. They are shipping July 9th from Google Play. So we're wondering how many of you are planning on picking up the Galaxy S4 or HTC One Google Edition? These devices are certainly not for everyone. Especially at $600 a pop. While we've all been clamoring for stock Android devices, this isn't exactly what we were looking for. Yes it's stock Android, but it's all about the hardware with these two phones. Another thing is that the Google Edition doesn't see the microSD card at all. Which makes the whole microSD card feature mute, at least on the Google Edition phones.

So how many of you are going to buy or have already bought the HTC One or Galaxy S4 Google Edition? Let us know which one you decided to get and why you decided to grab one. I decided to pass them up, at least for now. I'm really excited for the Galaxy Note 3. Now if there's a Galaxy Note 3 Google Edition, I might go for that. But the price tag will be really outrageous, since the full price of the Galaxy Note 2 is around $700 right now. So let us know in the comments if you've ordered a Google Edition phone.

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