Think Interns at Google are on a Tight Budget? Think Again



For many of us, Google is a sort of mecca more than it is a workplace. Not just because it's where Android is created but, because of everything that Google do and have done to make the Internet – and arguably technology – what it is today. I'm sure that many of you reading this care more about Google's services than you do about when the next version of Android is going to be released. Google is a company that is constantly developing new technology and new software for just about everything and they're more than likely the biggest part of our digital lives. This is why many of us would kill for a job at Google, or even a summer internship at the company, in fact some of you might even be heading there this summer (if so, let us know in the comments!).


With the hit film, featuring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn as Google Interns, the Internship hitting the big screen near you, it's understandable that there's more interest in the internships at Google. Regardless of how amazing it must be to become immersed in such a climate, there's always one thing that needs to be considered: money. Any of you reading this that have gone through an internship before will note that they're not known for being well-paid positions. That's not the case at Google, or indeed any Silicon Valley giant.

CNN Money is reporting that Google interns make, on average, $5,800 a monthI don't care how much money you make in your nine-to-five, that's a lot of money however you cut it, especially when you consider that this is an intern's wage. That figure is just for those in the ad sales or marketing divisions, if you've got what it takes to rub shoulders with the software devs then you could be looking at as much as $6,700 a month.

Google aren't alone in offering this much money for interns, Microsoft offer something similar and other companies in the valley follow suit. While on one hand it might be upsetting to see interns get paid as much, on the other it's a sign that even in today's world, it's not the worse thing in the world to start from the bottom.


If you're blue about how much you earn a month (I know I am some months) then maybe the trailer for The Internship will you cheer you up?

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