South Korean Samsung Fans Angry About Upcoming Galaxy S4 LTE Advanced; With Snapdragon 800

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If you think that Samsung are big over in the West, then how do you think they’re perceived in their home nation of South Korea? Well, celebrity is perhaps not the right word for a smartphone manufacturer but, let’s just say that the word “Samsung” is more than just a household name in South Korea. It’s perhaps not surprising then, that fans of the smartphone giant in the Far East are feeling a little angry when it comes to an upcoming version of the Galaxy S4, which is supposedly superior to the version that’s been on sale for the past month or so.

LTE-Advanced is not something we’re too familiar of here in the West but, in other parts of the world it’s the future of LTE, and it’s coming fast. Samsung can see this and so they’re prepping a version of the Galaxy S4 that will support such high network speeds. Not only is this new version going to support faster LTE speeds but, there’s word that this is going to be the version of the Galaxy S4 we’ve seen benchmarked with a Snapdragon 800 CPU inside.

South Korean fans that bought the Galaxy S4 are pretty angry at this, and they feel that Samsung should have either left the Galaxy S4 as it is, or have waited until this version of the Galaxy S4 was ready. It’s perhaps bad enough that Samsung have added three more phones to the Galaxy S4 moniker, making for a family of four. In Asia, four is considered an unlucky number and maybe the Galaxy S4 is going to be the difficult fourth album for Samsung?

It’s a tricky question, should manufacturers and businesses feel bad about releasing newer and more advanced products so soon after the first one? Apple made a poor decision when they announced two iPads in less than 10 months, making those that spent a lot of money on “the latest” feel very much left out. The same thing happens all the time in the digital camera market as well, with two or three high-end models being released within a year. We’re not so sure that Samsung have made the same mistake here but, with sales of the Galaxy S4 coming slower than expected, it’s starting to look like Samsung’s vision with the S4 is less than crystal clear.